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It’s survey time! But this one is a little different. We want to know a little bit more about you — and what gets you excited about politics, what you think about the media, and, most important, what you think about us.

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  • I stopped taking the survey when you asked for my household income.

    • That question was asked only for demographic reasons and will not be tied back to the individual. It also is not required to complete the survey; like most of the questions, it can be skipped.

      • that option was not explained. What is the true purpose of this poll in the first place? I’m guessing it is for your advertizers. My age, my sex, my income? I didn’t even see a question on my political leanings when I exited it. That is how you pitched it. Sorry. Not interested. I ignored this the first time when you posed it as “How much do you hate the media” but thought I’d give it a try the 2nd time you begged. Just exactly WHAT is it you want to know? And why you can’t you be honest about it? Talk about distrusting the media, J.R.

        • It’s for us to better understand our market and whether or not we have a viable product that can actually be a business as opposed to a hobby. Thanks for your feedback. And, if you don’t trust us, you should find another place for your rantings that is even remotely as tolerant as we are.

  • Manny

    I did the survey but I’d also like to respond to the question posed in the title of the post:

    I actually hate politics. There is nothing that excites me about politics. I think the vast majority of politicians are power hungry rent-seeking slime balls. However, I feel compelled to follow politics, because both parties, to a greater or lesser degree, are trying to implement policies that have negative impacts on my pursuit of happiness. I just want to be left the hell alone, but instead I have to check everyday to find out where the next assault on my liberties is coming from. So that’s why I come here. Not because I love the horse race, not because I love Republicans, but because all these morons in Richmond and Washington are trying to ruin my life.

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