DC chimes in: it’s Snyder

Washington, DC has spoken. Endorse Pete Snyder.

Yes, more beltway bandits have decided to engage in Virginia politics and let us all know what’s in our best interest.

Red State, a national website with generally brilliant commentary, has decided that they know more about Virginia politics than you and me and have featured today an endorsement of Snyder.

Good for Snyder.

The PACs “Ending Spending” and “American Majority” have united Voltron’s powers and have received front page status by Eagle Publishing’s “Red State” to tell those of us outside the beltway what to think.

Never mind the fact that these PACs have donated nearly a quarter-million dollars to the Snyder campaign.

This is not a post to be critical of Snyder. He’s a great American, entrepreneur, running an innovative campaign – all things we have said here before.

My critical beef: there’s a long way to go. And, those with a vested interest in a candidate (aka – donating thousands of dollars) ought to say so…not give off the appearance as if the endorsement is purely based on policy and ideas.

Last week, another LG candidate, Jeannemarie Davis was rightfully excoriated because a campaign staffer sent out an email in which there was an appearance that College Republicans might get what equates to a “Happy Meal” for showing up at the Republican convention as delegates.

Davis’ handling of the situation was, at best, amateur: blaming the staffer for the misstep and promptly kicking the 70-year-old to the curb without taking any personal responsibility herself. That’s not what I would have advised.

But what’s happening with Snyder is something different. There’s a smell test, that, at least to me, smells funny. Mere minutes after the endorsement goes up on RS, the Snyder campaign is blasting out an email touting it? That doesn’t just happen without coordination, in my opinion. Does a donation of $235k get you front page status on Red State?

Look, our proximity to DC is legend. Not only did it give us Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe – not to mention Henry and Lee…but it also gave us Richmond, The Peninsula Campaign, Fredericksburg and Manassas.

Sometimes being close to DC is good….other times it can be scorched earth.

At this moment in time, we have seven candidates running for lieutenant governor and I can’t think of one of them who doesn’t have a foible.

Endorsing now – in mid-February – using what appears to be new media connections and high-dollar donors – is, quite frankly, a false indicator.

There is plenty of time to go. Lots of speeches and debates to be held. Many interviews, handshaking, Facebook images, etc. between now and May 18.

Let’s let the campaign play out before succumbing to who DC wants us to elect.

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  • pinecone321

    A little history. RedState and Human Events are both owned by Regnery Publishing, which is a division of Eagle Publishing. Why RedState’s owner’s may be interested in VA. politics could be that the president of Regnery, Marjory Ross, lives and/or works in Alexandria. With a fairly recent change at RedState, it appears that they are now joined at the hip with Human Events. Human Events has their own portion on the front page of the RedState website.

    I found an interesting article written for Human Events by one of their authors, David Harsanyi. Apparently he believes that the latest move by Karl Rove, in jumping into primaries, and choosing who they think is the best candidate in a primary race, and denying the voters the choice of nominee, Harsanyi gives Rove credibility in his goals.


    It would appear that Karl Rove has chosen his first target race, despite the major pushback from a myriad of conservatives, and conservative groups. With the apparent approval of his elitist methods, by a Human Events writer, they likely have bought what Karl Rove is selling. I haven’t read the RedState endorsement article, and I don’t know who wrote it, but I can almost guarantee that none of those at the top of Regnery are mentioned. It is a backroom push from the top. If Eric Erickson signed his name to the article, he has proven yet again that he is easily bought and/or manipulated. Erickson used to be a die hard conservative, and at one time was a great purveyor of conservative thought, mostly of the Burke and Kirk school.

    I don’t know if Regnery is getting out in front of another mistake by Erickson when he endorsed Radtke, against Regnery’s wishes, as he admitted his bosses were big Allen Supporters. No matter, this should be a huge red flag for all of the VA. conservative voters, as it appears this endorsement has Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over it. I guess I don’t have to wonder any longer why Snyder has been collecting so much out of state money.

    I doubt that Rove is really talking about the Akin’s and the Mourdocks, they are just his most high profile, and recent examples. He may be referring to those like Debra Medina in TX.(who lost big time), and the Witch (forget her name) who won the nom in MD (I was thrilled to see Castle go). With those I can agree, but, Rove and the rest of the elites have no business trying to influence the winner in any primary race. That is for the voters to decide. Isn’t it interesting that Cuccinelli hasn’t gotten any nods from them?

    • Lovettsville Lady

      VERY interesting. Lots of good information here. Thank you! The insider types don’t much like Cuccinelli, but it appears they do like Snyder. Not exactly a surprise, is it?

      • pinecone321

        I read the RedState article, which was written by Ned Ryun. He did in fact spend a sentence or two endorsing Cuccinelli, which was buried in the 5-6 paragraphs talking about the wonders and greatness of Pete Snyder. Ryun is the President of American Majority, and American Majority Action. He is an authorized member of the Redstate and Human Events family.

        As John Fredericks relayed over in his article, a Bolling third party run may be financed by the Romney machine. We all know that Snyder was annointed by the Romney machine to run his VA campaign. It is a blatant display of you rub my back, and I’ll rub yours, even if I lose. Remember a comment by Romney during the primaries when he said “people don’t like me now, but they will like me when I am the nominee.” He/they knew that many would vote for Daffy Duck to get Obama out. Maybe that is why some from the Romney machine acted as though it was already in the bag, rather than working like you are 10 points behind. I thought it was the liberals that rewarded failure. Yet, we have some that want to keep playing the game of insanity- keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different outcome.

        I’ll be at the convention in May for Cooch, along with my husband. I will also join in with the delegates supporting my choice for Lt. Gov., and it won’t be for the establishment’s choice.

  • DJRippert

    DC gave us Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe? Hmmm. Wasn’t it the other way around? Didn’t Washington and Jefferson, in particular, give us DC – at least the site of the city? DC gave us Richmond, the Peninsula Campaign, Fredricksburg and Manassas? I think it was more the ever incompetent Virginia state legislature who gave us succession in the name of preserving slavery and then the establishment of the capital of the CSA in the middle of the state which gave us those events. About a third of the state knew better than to follow Richmond’s always awful lead and became West Virginia instead. The problems in Virginia come more from Richmond than Washington.

    • I was afraid there would be someone who wouldn’t understand – or would try to twist – what I was saying there. Thank you for not disappointing me.

      • DJRippert

        Thanks for the clarification. Virginia suffered a lot during the Civil War because of its proximity to DC. Not because Virginia decided to secede from the Union and establish itself as the capital of the Confederacy. Got it!

        • I agree. Secession was a terrible idea. And being the closest state of the confederacy – not the least to host its capital – well, that’s not going to make things any easier on you. Hence, my reference to DC proximity ratio and scorched earth. Bah. You just made me realize why I’m not an author or an English teacher. Apparently my metaphors get lost on some folks.

  • Lovettsville Lardhead

    This article doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. First, Erick Erickson and Ned Ryun are both outside the beltway activists who have repeatedly taken on the establishment in DC. A cursory reading of their work would reveal that they have spent countless hours railing against unprincipled politicians who are only in it to go along to get along. Redstate as a whole is dedicated to putting forth real conservatives, so this whole idea that this is the inside the beltway crowd going for Snyder is easily disproved.

    Similarly End Spending has been involved in primaries on behalf of conservative candidates like Ted Cruz in Texas and Deb Fischer in Nebraska. The PAC focuses on individual candidates that are committed to introducing America’s debt and stopping earmarks. Again, this isn’t standard beltway politicians but rather insurgents endorsing the most conservative candidate in the race.

    I don’t see how conservatives rallying behind the most conservative candidate in a primary field is a concern. The cream rises to the top while the other candidates staying stuck in obscurity isn’t cause for alarm, but rather a feature of the convention process.

    Finally the idea that Karl Rove and Human Events/Erickison are on the same page is laughable.

    Would love a response from JR on this.

  • Loudoun Patriot

    Only amature convention-goers think that Washington endorsements and lots of cash are critical to this race. The winner of this race is quietly focused on methodically securing a base of committed delegates from the already-identified pool of us craxys that come year after year after year, the rest of this is background noise.

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