Bolling inches closer to independent bid for Virginia Governor

By John Fredericks

Circle March 14 on your calendar. It’s the day Republican Lt. Governor Bill Bolling will likely announce an independent bid for Virginia Governor.

Unlike Don Quixote, Bolling’s run will not be a mere wailing at windmills. He can win…and both his presumed opponents, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) and former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe (D), know it.

Appearing on our radio program on February 18, Bolling said he has three criteria that will drive his decision: can he win, does he have the fire in his belly to do what it takes to launch a one man movement, and can he raise the $10-$15 million necessary to be competitive?

The Lt. governor has already successfully answered the first two queries. Cash is the only thing that now stands between Bolling and an independent campaign for Virginia’s 72nd governor.

Can Bolling, without the Republican machine behind him, raise that kind of money?

The short answer: yes.

His donor base includes a whose-who of Virginia business owners. Plus, there is the Romney factor: Bolling was the first statewide elected official to endorse former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s maiden presidential campaign in 2008. Both Bolling and his wife, Jean Ann, have a very deep and longstanding relationship with Mitt and Ann Romney. If Bolling runs, its payback time in Boston. The Romney fundraising machine is still intact and can be activated with a series of phone calls on their freind’s behalf.

Ideologically, Bolling will pin his hopes on a candidacy that stresses common sense fiscal conservatism, jobs creation and competence. With a litany of dire economic issues like sequestration and transportation facing down Virginia voters and threatening financial Armageddon, Bolling can position himself as the proverbial adult in the room. He can bridge the gap between the soccer mom caught in traffic and the blue collar ship worker concerned more about his livelihood and his future than whether or not awnings are required on the state’s legal abortion clinics.

The former Hanover County Supervisor will undoubtedly attempt to paint McAuliffe as a far left Obama liberal carpetbagger who gave jobs to Mississippi and is a perennial candidate in search of an office. And he’ll try to cast Cuccinelli as an ideologically driven right-wing extremist who can’t effectively govern a purple state.

We saw a glimpse of what’s to come in our Monday interview when Bolling said neither McAuliffe or Cuccinelli could solve the Commonwealth’s three decade old transportation crisis.

Bolling knows he needs 35 percent to win. He also knows he can get to 20 percent in public opinion polls just by announcing his candidacy. Can he get that other — much tougher — 15 percent?

If he can raise the necessary money, Bill Bolling can make national news next November.

If he can’t, the wisp of spinning windmills will wither the narrative of his political legacy.

For the full interview with Lt. Governor Bill Bolling:

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  • George from Cleveland

    Charlie Crist thought he could win as an independent.

    Didn’t work out.

    He’s coming back as a D.

    And that’s the only way that the man with a grudge can win, he must run as a Democrat.

  • pinecone321

    I’m laughing that this article is posted here. I know that the BD staff know that a little laughter is always good for the soul. If no one ever understood why you were replaced as the GOP party head, you left no doubt in anyone’s mind. What’s the saying- something about to be thought to be stupid, but you don’t have to open your mouth and prove it. Thank you for proving those that got rid of your azz to have been correct. Some just can’t deal with losing without going off the deep end.

    • pinecone321

      I apollogize, I thought this post was by Jeff Fredericks.

      In any case, aren’t you the same guy who has been pushing Snyder as the Lt. Gov.? Bolling/Snyder, Snyder/Bolling?????? Red freakin’ flags are flying all over the place.

      • I would like to reiterate that John Fredericks is a proud sponsor of Virginia Line Media, LLC, but his opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the publishers and contributors.

        • pinecone321

          Thank you very much for that J.R. Hoeft. I would suggest that that disclaimer be added at the end of each of his articles. It would almost appear that because he advertises here, he has bought time and space for his opinions.. Good to know that that isn’t the case.

        • Rumor has it John is a JMDD supporter.. He has every right to be… but say it aint so..

    • John Fredericks, the radio host, does not equal Jeff Frederick, the former party leader. But point noted.

  • Loudoun GOPer

    Can he win? NO. A most resounding NO, and anyone who that he can is smoking some pretty poweful hallucinagens.

    Does he have the fire in the belly? NO. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold, and the only reason he would run as an Independent would be to take revenge on Cuccinelli and the Republican party for not bowing down to him and handing him the party nomination he feels is owed to him.
    Can he raise $10 to $15 million? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA (….that’s also a NO)
    So the answer to all three questions is NO. Will that stop Bolling from running? NO. There is only one question that has to be answered to figure out whether Bill is running.
    How big is Bill Bolling’s ego?

    • You are right on all three points.

      Specifically Bolling has repeatedly cited the need to raise money in order to run. I remember seeing figures in the 2.5-3.5 million dollar range. He appears to have stopped fundraising almost immediately after the SCC changed to a convention in June 2012. Everything he has done since then appears to be designed to obtain his petulant goals of denying the governorship to Cuccinelli.

      He had almost $800k on hand at the end of the year. March 14 is one month before the April reporting deadline, and almost exactly three weeks after the end of the GA session. He’s is going to see what can be done monetarily starting next week.


    contact: Denny McKell 703-338-0200

    Independent Green Party leaders are very serious about Bill Bolling as their
    Independent Green Party candidate for Governor. Led by the Indy Green Party
    state Vice Chair, Gail “for Rail” Parker, and Denny McKell (Gail “for Rail” and
    McKell are both U.S. Air Force retirees), the Indy Greens have established a
    political action committee (PAC). Now the Independent Green Party team has a Draft Bill Bolling web site:

    An alliance between Bill Bolling and the Independent Greens makes sense. The Indy Green Party has a proven record of collecting thousands of petition signatures across Virginia every year. Bolling will need 10,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot. That
    means Indy Greens would need to collect 20,000 signatures for Bolling. Some
    Independent Greens started collecting signatures in January.

    The Independent Green Party group has released a series of video press releases urging Bill Bolling to run for Governor as Independent Green Party candidate. Denny McKell is a retired TV and radio producer, and newsman. McKell produced the video press releases for his Independent Green Party.

    “We need ‘More Trains, Less Traffic!” says Gail “for Rail” Parker, the retired U.S. Air Force officer and former two-time statewide on-the-ballot candidate for US Senate (2006 & 2008).

    “An alliance with the Independent Green Party of Virginia and Bill Bolling as our Indy Green candidate for Governor can provide positive pro-business, and pro-rail policy to grow the economy and create productive rail, solar, wind, and geothermal energy jobs.” Gail “for Rail” Parker has been on the ballot as an Indy Green Party rail advocate for each of the last 8 years. The Independent Greens are Virginia’s most
    successful on ballot third party in Virginia in a century.

    The Independent Green Party is recruiting candidates for House of Delegates across Virginia. Indy Greens hope to run a full slate of 100 House of Delegates candidates this year.

    Independent Green Party Draft Bolling video.

    Indy Greens want Bill Bolling.

    Bolling and More Trains, Less Traffic.

    See Denny McKell urge Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to join
    Independent Green Party on You Tube.

    Indy Green Bolling Draft committee Spokesperson
    Denny McKell, , 703-351-1235.

    Gail for Rail Parker, Independent Green Party of Virginia state Vice Chair and
    Committee Director.

    703-960-5602, or 571-282-8381.

    • EricMcGrane

      Partnering with the Independent Greens would give Bolling another .7% of the vote. Every bit helps, I guess. Not sure how Bolling aligns with the IG’s, but I guess you can toss your platform for a candidate with name recognition? This is puzzling.

    • George from Cleveland

      I understand that your Greens are more like the Mexican Greens than the leftist Greens, but electoral fusion is not legal in Virginia. Bolling thinks he’s a big shot for handling a lesser electoral position and thinks he’s entitled to be the R nominee, until he found out otherwise (I even supported him before he quit and started his fratricide). He wants to run by himself, for himself, to be Virginia’s Angus King, but he will be more like Virginia’s Jesse Ventura.

      • Lovettsville Lady

        Didn’t Jesse win?

        • George from Cleveland

          Yes, “The Body” won, but he had no friends in the legislature, and it was almost certain that he would have lost had he run for re-election.

          Angus King has won three elections, and has been essentially a leftist who doesn’t like having a D after his name. Bolling doesn’t seem to want to be a rightist without an R, he’s trying to run as the “Clean left” candidate against “Dirty left” Terry.

      • pinecone321

        Wouldn’t it be something if Cuccinelli, as VA Atty. Gen. was charged with bringing a court case against Bolling for illegal election activities?

      • Bolling and Ventura couldn’t be more different.

    • pinecone321

      Cuccinelli already has his first ad to run against the Bolling Ball. Just keep playing the tree hugger lady audio, over and over.

  • “Unlike Don Quixote, Bolling’s run will not be a mere wailing at windmills. He can win…and both his presumed opponents, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) and former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe (D), know it. ”
    BULL CRAP! And YOU know it!
    The mere fact that the Independent Greens are trying to get him, pretty much proves it. Any pick up he gets from that coalition will more than be countered by turning stomachs.
    This article is imagination gone bizarro world.

  • Lovettsville Lady

    Will all the Bolling staffers who went to work for Pete13, return to work for Bolling after he announces his run on March 14? Bolling and Pete could run together and be the dream team as they originally planned. Wouldn’t that add to the excitement of Bill Bolling’s run?

  • DJRippert

    The limousine liberal lunatic left hates Bolling because they say he has a hard right voting record from his time in the General Assembly. The wingnuts of the reactionary right hate Bolling because he has the temerity to threaten their Star Chamber, voodoo – like coronation of Ken Cuccinelli at a convention where one candidate for Lt Governor has already been accused of trying to buy votes.

    If both of these oddball factions dislike the man, maybe he’s worth a second look.

    Run Bill run!

  • Cannot make enough popcorn to keep up.. This theater keeps getting busier and busier.. John “JMDD” Fredericks, are you in the tank?

  • Bolling has no constituency of his own. If he runs he will likely take more from McAuliffe than from Cuccinelli, since that’s the political ground he’s staked out since his coming-out party.

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