The Score this week: Corey Stewart, General Assembly follies, and the changing Big Line

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee and I talk about the transportation and taxation madness sweeping through the General Assembly and later, Scott turns the mic over to me and Shaun Kenney I and discuss the Virginia Big Line (which you can find over on the right hard sidebar).

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Later in the show, Scott talks with GOP lieutenant governor candidate and current Prince William county board of Supervisors chairman Corey Stewart about the state of his campaign, what he thinks about the General Assembly follies, and what makes him stand out from the crowd of candidates.

And a point of personal privilege…

For two years now, “The Score” has been a proud part of the Red State Talk Radio Network, the brain child of Premo Mondone. And I’m happy to pass along that the network is getting some serious attention:

Congratulations to Red State Talk Radio who has been selected as the Top Talk Radio Internet Network for 2012. TTR’s panel evaluates leading Internet streaming radio networks in part based on factors of consistent conservative content, adhering to those values and principles, originality, authenticity, passion and compelling topics of their respective individual shows. Red State Talk Radio is apparently emerging as the leader in the arena of Internet based Talk Radio Networks and setting the standard for Conservative Talk Radio both on-line and through the airwaves.

My sincerest congratulations to Premo for his tireless efforts in making this network the standard for conservative talk radio, and for allowing Scott, Jim, Rick, Shaun, and me for being a part of it.

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