Marco Rubio knows he’s not the Savior

It’s the first Friday of Lent and it’s refreshing to hear a national figure such as Marco Rubio admit that he doesn’t walk on water. Like the rest of us, he only needs a drink now and then.

Of course as Alton notes this morning The left wing media has used up a week’s worth of words describing that sip of water.

Dueling magazine covers in the past month – the online version of Newsweek, and the print version of Time – have portrayed Obama’s Inauguration as “The Second Coming” and Marco Rubio as “The Republican Savior.”

Of course, taking a sip of water (admittedly awkward, but not life threatening) has the left all in a tizzy about how that ended Rubio’s Presidential chances. No really, I’m not making that up. MSNBC alone has replayed the swig of water 155 times. [The Daily Caller]. Any minute now The Washington Post will start daily posts about how “Bottled Water is the New Macaca.”

But Marco Rubio appears grounded in reality. Not only did he tweet out a picture of a bottle of water as the “GOP Response,” last week he issued this tweet regarding the Time cover.

H/T WSJ Washington Wire

If the Redeemer-in-Chief issued a similar denial, I must’ve missed it.

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  • George from Cleveland

    I do not understand the media’s obsession with trivial junk such as drinking water. I don’t get why anyone takes the media seriously. I pulled the plug on cable, got tired of paying people who play silly games and hate what I stand for.

  • Mike Barrett

    The basic problem with Rubio is he has just never learned that his ideology of tax cuts, enforced austerity, and more tax breaks for the rich and wealthy is not a platform for success for our nation. In fact, there is no difference between the excesses of the Bush administration, and Rubio. Who in their right mind would want that disaster again.
    Hasn’t her learned that it was Bush’s tax cuts that caused the imbalance that created the deficit from which we are still recovering? Cheney may have believed that deficts don’t water, but they do. We, the people of this nation, had to bring this nation back and put it on the right foot. Let’s not do it all over again.

    • Seriously? The economy shrank last quarter (the Christmas quarter), unemployment is still over 8%, the deficit has skyrocketed SINCE Obama became President. We haven’t had a budget in over four years and you call that being on the “right foot?”

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