So Here’s Pete’s Number (So Call Him Maybe?)

If there’s one thing you have to respect about Pete Snyder’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor, it’s that he’s literally willing to test and try anything to help boost his profile.

This video of clips from 1980s video dating?  Good Lord… maybe it takes a certain sense of humor, but I like it:

Here’s the takeaway.

There’s no question that Pete Snyder is having a great time running for LG.  You get the sense of a conservative who has always wanted to pitch in and help, and feels like they can do something for the cause for a change.

I like that.  It brings a certain air of confidence when you see candidates toss caution to the winds and be themselves.  It’s what attracts people to certain candidates and turns people away from the more hypersensitive ones who fret over every slight, every mistake.

Frankly, I’d have never advised a candidate for Lieutenant Governor any public office to do this.  But be honest… this kinda grows on ya… and the bridge from big ideas to new methods of campaigning isn’t all that far.

Well played, Mr. Snyder… well played!

UPDATE:  Mrs. Kenney believes this is a stroke of genius.  Where that fits on the effectiveness scale, I dunno… but she cracked up.

UPDATE x2:  DUDE — everyone got candy?!  How come I didn’t get candy?!

The Republican lieutenant governor candidate launched what his campaign is calling “Operation Love” to mark the romantic holiday and his staff is hand-delivering customized greetings and chocolates to hundreds of conservative activists in Virginia.

Snyder’s recipient list includes people who have committed to him as delegates for the Virginia GOP nominating convention in May as well as supporters of the six other party candidates for lieutenant governor.

Now that’s slick right there.  Maybe Mrs. Kenney intercepted the candy box… hmmm… the plot thickens…

UPDATE x3:  So a car pulls up to palatial Kenney Manor…

Apparently, someone’s campaign staff reads Bearing Drift, cares about the whining and musings of yours truly… and dropped off some candy.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is all sorts of epic cool!

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  • NormLeahy

    80s glam metal? Lemmy and the lads get left out yet again…

  • It’s cute. Paid more attention to it than any of the mailers he sends.

  • Does the blue t-shirt actually say “Designer Bodies Unlimited”??? Wow, how I miss the 80’s. And not just for Guns and Roses. Brilliant.

  • I am not a hearts and candy type girl, but this is adorable!

  • I’m sure you probably know, but Mrs. Snyder is in on the gig as well. I got an e-mail this morning from Burson saying “This Valentine’s Day I want you to consider going on a “date” with my husband Pete. No, not that kind of date – trust me, I’d wring his
    neck — then come after you –”

    When the electorate and potential delegates have a high probability of being fatigued by the political season, and then we realize it’s only mid-February, I think you have to agree that there’s almost everything right with this (media) campaign.

  • Terrific. But Mrs. Hoeft didn’t get candy. Does Mr. Snyder really think he’s going to win BD’s endorsement through the Kenneys?

    • This Kenney didn’t get candy. He can’t even sugar up half of us!

      • Wait…you mean there’s more than one?

  • Operation Love. I LOVE it. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Carole de Triquet

    This is so brilliant and fresh–just like Pete’s Big Ideas! I am so proud to be on board with him! Pete’s the guy we need for our Republican Party and for Virginia. (By the way, I’m writing these nice things, even though I didn’t get any candy, either!)

  • Jessica Sandlin

    My 14-y-o watched it with me and said, “Mom, seriously- vote for this guy. He used HUMOR. No politicians use HUMOR!” (It’s catchy, for certain.)

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