Poll: What is the “State of the Union” and whose version will you remember?

Next Tuesday, President Barack Obama will deliver his 2013 State of the Union. Following the speech, Senator Marco Rubio will provide the GOP rebuttal. Tuesday, Majority Leader Eric Cantor laid out the House Republican agenda.

For those of you who haven’t seen Cantor’s speech yet:

This leads us to the following question, what is the state of our union? And, of all these speeches, which one will have the most lasting impact? Obama’s, Rubio’s or Cantor’s? Let us know by voting and leaving a comment!

We’ll reveal the results of the poll in our Thursday edition of “Dead Reckoning”, which you can subscribe to here.

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  • The state of the Union is “deceased”. The Constitution has been breached in every way possible, and the federal government is nothing more than a tool for monied and vested interests to impose their demands on unwilling citizens.

    • pinecone321

      Are you living in the bunker with all of your survivalists supplies? Don’t forget the matches, God in Heaven, don’t forget the matches.

      • You know, it would be halfway entertaining if you actually switched up your dishonest argumentation technique a little bit every now and then.

  • I answered your survey by not voting and asking you how on earth I could vote on which was the more effective speech if I haven’t any of them yet. Did someone legalize MJ without telling me?

    • It’s a guess, Craig. Whose speech do you think is going to be the most memorable.

  • Rosemary Time

    I don’t care what either one of them has to say about ‘the state of the union’, a very silly speech with no meaning.

  • State of the Union addresses are by their nature unmemorable; responses from the opposition party even moreso. It’s like asking which of your mother’s shopping lists was most memorable.

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