Republican legislators livid over Howell’s redistricting decision

According to sources close to the House of Delegates, the Republican caucus is livid with the Speaker. When asked on a scale of one to ten how upset they were, with ten being the worst, one delegate responded “37.” And, apparently Senate Republicans are not much happier.

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  • Mike Barrett

    I guess some republican delegates are not familiar with doing the right and honorable thing. Perhaps they ought to try it more often.

    • EricMcGrane
    • Manny

      The right and honorable thing to do would have been to correct the horribly gerrymandered districts which allowed the Senate Dems to get 50% of the seats with only 40% of the votes.

      • Mike Barrett

        And so it goes. Each side blames the other for gerrymandering, when of course, right thinking citizens know it is caused by both sides. That is why for the integrity of our election system, we must have districts that fairly represent our voters. Neither side is capable of being fair; therefore, turn it over to a non partisan commission; that is the only fair and rational way to stop this madness.

  • Manny

    Under Roberts Rules you can appeal a decision of the chair. I guess this is not possible under the HoD’s parlimentary procedures?

  • Mike Barrett

    Since this process has created such hatred and ill will even among fellow republicans, why not as a party prevail upon the Governor to recommit to his pledge to look into a process of non partisan redistricting. He paid it lip service after making it a campaign pledge, and now with the party in disarray, this is the perfect time to propose that democracts and republicans move toward created districts that actually reflect our electorate and put our voters first.

  • “Del. Don Merricks, R-Pittsylvania County, said Wednesday evening that he thought Howell made the right call. ‘In my opinion, he kept the integrity of the House where it needs to be,’ Merricks said. ‘I thought it was exactly right. … I’m sure it weighed heavily on him.'”

    and: [Del. Danny] “Marshall said he agreed with Howell’s decision, noting that the speaker ‘thinks the integrity of this institution needs to be upheld… If we do things one way one week, they ought to be done the same way next week,’ Marshall said.”

    So maybe not everyone is a 37 on the mad scale.
    Quotes from:

    • You’re right, Samuel. Certainly not publicly.

  • Rosemary Time

    Oh please. They wanted a way out. The delegates didn’t want to have to vote on the redistricting.

  • Pam Brown


    Speaker Howell needs to retire.


    Pam Brown
    Chairman, Republican Party of Norfolk
    VFRW Representative–State Central Committee

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