The Truth is in…the Slogans

We all know that slogans are as much a part of politics as speeches, yard signs and attack ads.  Some have been particularly memorable and/or successful.

Barry Goldwater: In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right.
Ronald Reagan: It’s Morning in America
Jim Gilmore: No Car Tax

Some slogans work, others don’t.  Some are memorable, others are not.  But nobody has more successfully conveyed truth through slogans than those fighting for the rights of gun owners.  All in less than ten words. Consider these oldies but goodies:

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  What words could better convey the reality that gun-related crime is caused by the shooter, not the weapon.  By hearts, not bullets.  Would we feel better if the 27 deaths in Newtown had resulted from a bomb instead of guns, as was the case in Oklahoma City, in a school massacre even greater than Sandy Hook In 1927 and in other mass murders.

If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.  This is at the heart of the gun control issue.  Would we respond to the break-in murder of a homeowner by saying that, since a gun was responsible for the death, we need to take guns away from…homeowners.  That is the practical effect of most gun control measures.  Criminals are criminals because they don’t obey the law,  Yet we believe criminals will suddenly obey stiffer versions of laws they are already breaking with impunity?  No, we can be certain that they will continue to break the law, just as those who have obeyed the law will continue to obey.  Thus it is only law-abiding citizens who will be penalized by more gun control measures.

More Guns, Less Crime.  The most succinct of the slogans, this cuts right to the bottom line – that more people carrying guns, most especially concealed guns, make for a safer society.  Simple logic dictates that not knowing who is packing heat will make criminals less likely to ply their trade.  And history has demonstrated that more concealed carry is the only policy that can succeed in reducing gun-related crime.

Then, there is this most informative slogan, or fact if you will.

2.5 million defensive uses every year.  This makes perhaps the most critical point about the second amendment.  It is not about hunting or recreational shooting, as many on the left have tried to assert.  It was placed in the Bill of Rights, and in such a prominent position, to assure arguably the most important element of individual freedom: the right to self-defense.  From criminals, and yes, from tyrants.  Among the very first act of tyrants ranging from the King George III during the American revolution to Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Castro was disarming their citizens and leaving them defenseless.

There are many other simple but effective gun rights slogans, and the reason they work is that the logic is so self-evident, and to those who are intellectually honest, indisputable.