February 6: A salute to Ronald Reagan on his birthday

Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States
Feb. 6, 1911- June 5, 2004

“Let us be sure that those who come after
will say of us in our time,
that in our time
we did everything that could be done.
We finished the race; we kept them free;
we kept the faith.”

When Germany invaded Europe, it was America that brought the people freedom. When Communists built a wall, it was America that brought the people freedom. When Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein tortured and butchered thousands of their own people, it was America that brought the people freedom.Ronald Reagan clearly understood freedom and the role America plays in preserving it throughout the world.

When America preserves the freedom of others, it preserves its own freedom.

Freedom is the spirit of America, and it is this spirit that Ronald Reagan communicated so well.

Thank you, President Reagan, for keeping the torch burning. You will be remembered as one of the greatest leaders of all time.

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  • MD Russ

    And as Reagan said, “America is a shining city on a hill.” That is the quintessential illustration of America’s exceptionalism. And when we listen to the Ron Paulistinians who want to withdraw our forward-deployed military forces and abandon our strategic alliances, then we are placing that exceptionalism at great peril.

    • Lynn R. Mitchell

      Indeed. How many Europeans who escaped Hitler’s reign of terror
      during World War II would be alive today if America had practiced Paul’s brand of defense?

      • MD Russ

        Not to mention the 416,800 Americans who died in World War II, a war that largely could have been averted if the United States had not adopted an isolationist policy in 1920. There are those who would have us withdraw to our own shorelines and leave the rest of the world to their own devices. Those people are selfish and short-sighted; they have no concept of the responsibility that America has with our God-given resources. We live in the world, not just on our little piece of it. Our Founding Fathers had a vision of a democratic society based on peace and social justice. When war and injustice is found elsewhere, we cannot cowardly sit by and do nothing.

        And that is American Exceptionalism. Reagan understood that.

  • Scout

    Also the birthday of Virginian James Ewell Brown (“JEB”) Stuart, born about 80 years prior to the Gipper.

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