It’s Groundhog Day … did Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow?

The annual event in Pennsylvania high atop Gobblers Knob this morning brought out Punxsutawney Phil who did not see his shadow and, therefore, proclaimed an early spring.

Wonder if Mother Nature was listening….

Goundhog Day, anyone?

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  • Mike Barrett

    In all due respect, with our transportation infrastructure near failure in many places in the Commonwealth, and the pundits on Bearing Draft essentially silent on this crucial topic, an article about Phil is a bit absurd. With the Governor providing a tepid, insufficient proposal which exhibits no leadership, no action to put the problem where is exists, that is, in the House of Delegates, frankly, why have executive leadership at all if he won’t lead?
    Bearing Drift seems, by its silence, to share this disgust at the failure to actually deal with big important issues like the collapse of our transportation infrastructure. To see a Governor who claims to be a leader fail to lead on this most crucial issue to our Commonwealth is disgusting. Frankly, those of you who are in the republican party and have seen this degradation first hand ought to be more active in stimulating leadership and change, or your party will be marginalized as it ought to be.

    • Lynn R. Mitchell

      … and a happy Groundhog Day to you, too, Mr. Barrett!

      • Mike Barrett

        Yes, my apology, I mean no offense to you. I am just amazed that with these crucial issues facing our Commonwealth, the gang and Bearing Drift is strangely silent.

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