A deal brewing over redistricting and transportation?

This Tweet from the Tax Foundation’s Joe Henchman should be getting more notice, because it points to something that could very well happen before this General Assembly session ends:

Yes, it could be time for “let’s make a deal,” with the Governor playing the role of Monty Hall. And in this case, the deal would involve a simple trade: the Governor signs the Senate’s redistricting bill (assuming the House doesn’t kill it first) and in exchange, the General Assembly approves his transportation plan.

I asked my sources whether the Senate’s redistricting bill had anything to do with a transportation deal. I was told “no.” The items were and are totally separate.

That may have been the case a week ago, but now…probably not.

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  • Mike Barrett

    That is nuts! A full one third of the revenue proposed by the governor is based upon pure speculation about the internet sales bill which has not been proposed nor clearly passed by Congress and signed into law. Without than revenue, there is no new revenue, just a trade of sales tax for gas tax. So after all this absurdity and discussion about legacy, we get a revenue neutral trade? No thanks.

    • You’re thinking in the short term, Mike. In the long term, it raises revenue.

      • Mike Barrett

        Well Brian, we don’t have a lifetime; all our infrastructure will have collapsed by then.

        • MD Russ

          Hey, Mikey!

          Your booming economy under President Obama shrank .1% in the fourth quarter. I can’t wait to hear your learned explanation of how it was all the Republicans’ fault.

          • MD Russ

            As you posted in another thread, Mike, “…the U.S. is leading the world in recovery because Kaynes (sic) was right.”

            Really? Tell us some more about how government can create wealth.

          • Mike Barrett

            Well Russ, after your guys created the financial melt down, it did take some time to recover. But we did, and while I am sure you would have preferred another fiscal crises caused by extreme enforced austerity, saner thinkers prevailed. So while Mr. Cameron and other deficits hawks are still in recession, in think it is the third one, we are growing again. Fact is, all that extra pain and suffering doesn’t help much at all and just creates more pain and suffering. Yes, I we have too much debt, and that is why we must raise revenue and cut expenses while we do tax reform and entitlement modifications.

          • MD Russ


            You are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey. Sandy and the debt crisis had absolutely nothing to do with the 4th quarter shrinking GDP. Read the news accounts: it was caused by reductions in Defense spending. But, we can eliminate the deficit by cutting discretionary spending, leaving entitlements spending untouched, and raising taxes. All while riding a tsunami of economic prosperity. Right?

            You Obamabots are so stupid that your brain stem doesn’t generate enough neural impulses to operate your colon.

          • Mike Barrett

            Yes, I had read the effect of defense cuts but simply forgot to include them. Thanks for reminding me.

          • Was that last paragraph supposed to demonstrate a logical argument?

          • pinecone321

            The meltdown was a direct result of Bill Clinton putting the Community Reinvestment program on steroids. It was Clinton and the liberals that pushed banks into writing mortgages for people who had no ability to pay back those loans. Those bad loans were mixed in with the valid and credible loans and sold in one package, and sold again in another package, and then sold yet again, until the crap hit the fan. The TARP funds were sold to the taxpayers as funds to be used to buy up the bad loans, and to get them off the books of the financial institutions. Never happened. Now Obama is pushing for the financial institutions to do the same thing once again, even when he is well aware of the original bubble that burst. Hey Mike, we know, it’s all Bush’s fault, right?

          • Mike. I sometimes agree until you say things like “you guys [Republicans] created the fiscal crises.” That entire mess was the culmination of a Perfect Storm and both parties share absolute responsibility for it.

          • Mike Barrett

            Well yes Russ, republicans did have something to do with it. They once again created a crisis with the debt and the uncertainty, but I think Sandy had more to do with it as well. Just a blip in the way. Already, things look up on employment, jobs, and housing, and Sandy will soon turn from a problem to a benefit as all their construction get started.

          • pinecone321

            Good Lord, there have been major storm disasters, across the country, as long as I have been alive. Yet it is the new and improved liberal talking point to never let a good crisis go to waste.

            When the Obama administration stops removing everyone they can from the unemployment rolls, the reports may have some validity. Most recently everyone who has not been lucky enough to find a job within 12 months has been removed as unemployeds. The unemployment reports put out since Obama took office have been manipulated.

            Read the housing reports a little more closely. Sales of existing homes is down, not improving.

          • Russ, your posts here might carry more weight if you’d stop sinking to the level of ad hominen logical fallacies such as “Hey, Mikey!” and “Breath deep into the bag” and so on. Can you try to simply make sound logical arguments?

      • pinecone321

        It only raises revenue if the Congress in Washington passes legislation to require all on-line vendors to act as sales tax collection agents for the states. Currently, as bad as some of what the Republicans have done/passed, that portion of the transportation bill is similar to saying I’ll gladly pay you on Friday for a Cheeseburger today. Without that unlikely revenue source, the entire bill collapses.

  • pinecone321

    Had Creigh Deeds and the liberals won the elections in 09, does anyone believe for a little minute that the Democrats would not have drawn redistricting maps that would have insured Democrat wins across the state for at least the next decade? Their use of the terms “fair” and “equal” does not apply to anyone who does not see things their way. It really is disheartening to see some Republicans believing that if we are “fair” and “equal” then the Democrats will reciprocate in kind. The definition of insanity most definately applies here.

    So McDonnell is willing to give the Democrats an increased opportunity of winning seats in the VA legislature, in exchange for them passing bad legislation that will not even begin implementation until he is long gone as the Governor. When the plan falls way short of the depended upon revenues from internet sales, where will that portion of the funding come from? God forbid we have a Gov. McAuliffe, the argument will be made, and rightfully so, that the gas tax has to be implemented and collected once again to make up for the short fall. No Democrat that I am aware of, in the new and improved version of the Democrat party, has been willing to lower or remove any taxes once they become law. So then we will have an increased sales tax, and a gas tax as well.

    I really have no idea if Gov. (I’m available) McDonnell has designs on the 2016 presidential race, but he is insuring that should he throw his hat in the ring, he will not make it past the first few months of a primary season. Pushing for another government mandated tax collection initiative in Washington is what the liberals do, not the Republicans, and certainly not the conservatives. It is a job killer not a job creator.

    • Mike Barrett

      Yes. Republicans have created a brand dependent upon Grover Norquist, and not much more. In the meantime, in Virginia, our roads, bridges, tunnels and highway are crumbling, our gas tax is too low and it has not been been raised since 1987. Defered maintenance tops $10 Billion dollars that will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren. All the Governor has done is created more PPVs and tolls that will soon create the same backlash in the western part of the state as they have caused here.
      Frankly, the no tax dictum is loosing its force. Extreme enforced austerity is too expense and too damaging. The damage done to our schools, colleges and universities, research institutes, institutions of government, and services of public saferty, is now clear for all to see. McDonnell and the Speaker already have their legacy; that is, disruption, decay, and failure.

      • pinecone321

        Your argument is laughable, but oh so predictable coming from a liberal. There is no such thing in the liberal lexicon that doesn’t include raising taxes, all of them, and as much as you can.

        You talk as though the infrastructure just started to deteriorate since 2009 when the Republicans took over. What exactly did Tim Kaine do to fix the problem? What exactly did Mark Warner do to fix the problem? Nothing, zip, zilch, nada. In fact in the 20+ years that I have been living in VA, there has been a transportation funding problem. You even disqualify your own argument when you point out that gas taxes have not been raised since 1987. There have been Democrat Governors, and Democrat controlled legislatures that never passed increased gas taxes. Yet it is those evil republicans, and Grover Norquist who are at fault. Don’t even go there with claiming that the children and grandchildren will be stuck with the bill for infrastructure costs. They will be lucky to be able to keep enough of their paychecks, if they are lucky enough to have a job, to buy a loaf of bread when Obama and his bootlickers get done with their destruction of this country. Maybe they can do a little better if they learn how to speak Chinese.

        “Extreme enforced austerity”? Excuse me while I pick my teeth up off the floor from laughing so hard at that idiocy.

        • Mike Barrett

          Perhaps you are not familiar with Virginia politics and governance. Fact is, the Speak of the House is in charge, and while governors come and go, the power of the purse residents with the Speaker. So it matters not if the Governor is a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent, Mr. Speaker is in charge.
          Frankly, if you don’t know that, most everything you have posted is simply wrong.

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