Virginia Legislative Black Caucus: Hypocrites

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus (i.e. Virginia Democrats) held a ‘rally’ of sorts today in Richmond in opposition policies they deemed to be ‘anti-worker, anti-women, anti-minority, and anti-voter.’

Yet when the shoe was on the other foot and they held power in the State Senate, they were just fine doing the same.

That makes the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus my HYPOCRITES of the month!

Unfortunately for the VLBC, the facts don’t work well with their claims. Despite my skepticism on the additional minority-majority district defense, their attempt to use is as ‘plantation politics’ is considerably wide off the mark. Do they not remember 2010? That would be the year that redistricting was supposed to be completed, but Senate Democrats turned in an embarrassment of a map that was so bad Governor McDonnell rejected it outright? This was a map that split cities down the middle, the very ‘war on the voters’ they’re protesting today.

While you may disagree with the tactics, the Senate Republicans have put together a redistricting map that goes further than the 2010 and 2011 maps to meet the Voting Rights Act statute that Senate Democrats put us under (and kept us there after their shenanigans in 1990). It creates compact districts and more importantly creates a DOJ recommended new minority majority district that they conveniently left out of their map in 2010. Whoops.

Their opposition to the Electoral College proposal , allocating by Congressional Districts rather than popular vote? Proposed 12 times by Senate Democrats during the Bush years. Whoops.

Right to work laws? Helped Virginia to be the Best State to Do Business, top five or better the last decade, trumpeted by Democratic Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Whoops.

This comes the day after Democratic LG candidate Ralph Northam embarrassed himself in front of a legislative committee, acting like a petulant six year old when his bill was rejected out of hand (rightfully) by Senator Steve Martin.

A banner year so far for Senate Democrats. Perhaps they’re being dreaded to having the political importance of the House Democrats (are there any even there?) Besides Joe Morrissey going postal in the Chamber, it’s been pretty quiet from House Dems. With Virginia voting in the mid 50% in 2011 Senate races, it’s pretty clear the direction our populace wants to take our house legislatures.

With pointless and hypocritical displays like the VBLC had today, it only serves to retrench voters’ beliefs. Senate Democrats are on the wrong side of just about every issue to come through Richmond, despite their unjust opposition.

So a tip of the hat to those hilarious hypocrites across the aisle. Y’all provide us the best entertainment each and every year. Sadly, you won’t be around much longer to continue your public shaming.