Senate Democrats continue their obstruction – and their war on women

Another press release from Senate Democrats. Another complaint about what happens between a woman’s legs.

Senate Dems are upset that Sen. Ralph Northam’s narrow-minded bill to “undo” a mandatory ultrasound during an abortion failed to clear committee.

“Here’s what I saw: choo, choo — railroad!” said Senator Janet Howell (D-Fairfax). “The Republicans are bent on railroading through an agenda with total disregard for the women of Virginia.”

Seriously? Making abortion safer for a woman is disregarding women? Now that’s liberal logic. (Of course, if the railroad is Amtrak, she has nothing to worry about. Seriously…more than five hours to DC from Norfolk? C’mon!)

Of course, what Howell fails to mention is how Democrats continue to wage their own war on women and families by failing to address any issue of substance.

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