McEachin Declares War on 1,600 Virginia Jobs (Because He Disagrees With Their Employer’s Political Views)

What sort of dangerous thoughtcrime going on in Soviet Virginia?

Because State Senator Don McEachin doesn’t like what the Koch brothers are doing with their money beyond creating 1,600 jobs and impacting 5,700 jobs in Virginia — that’s why:

Sen. McEachin encouraged people to “tell the Koch brothers to get out of Virginia,” while falsely accusing Koch of being actively involved in efforts to “rig the electoral map” in Virginia. The Kochs have done no such thing. In fact, what Senator McEachin calls the “scheme to rig the electoral map” was actually perpetrated by his own party, according to Blue Virginia, a blog supportive of the Virginia Democratic party and its politicians. Senator McEachin’s attacks are just the latest in the ongoing orchestrated campaign against Koch by the Democratic party and its allies who oppose Charles Koch and David Koch’s longstanding 50-plus year advocacy for individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom. As has been documented herehereherehereherehere, and here  Koch and its owners have been subjected to an ongoing series of political attacks designed to intimidate them and silence their exercise of their First Amendment rights of free expression.

Those 1,600 jobs have a “downstream multiplier” that impacts 5,700 jobs in Virginia.  But in McEachin’s Soviet Virginia, jobs create you, comrade… free speech for me, not for thee…

Got how that works, fellas?

I had no idea that Virginia Democrats had proposed virtually the same bill 14 times.  How’s that for hypocrisy, eh?!

Now that this redistricting bill is an affront to all things good and decent in the world, I suppose we won’t see anything of its kind coming from Virginia Democrats for a long, long time.

Oh — and Koch Industries can come to Fluvanna County and create jobs here anytime.