Martin takes a swing at Snyder’s “bragging”

It took a bit longer than I thought it would, but at last, we have some smack talking going on between the candidates for lieutenant governor. The smacker: Sen. Steve Martin, who posted the following update on his Facebook page:

For anyone bragging about raising the ire of the democrat minority leader because he doesn’t know who you are — Come see me when you can tick him off multiple times a day because he DOES know who you are! Yesterday alone I had him coming at me three times in three different meetings, plus other dems attacking me in a meeting. It’s so common in my life I don’t give it a 2nd thought.

The smackee? In this case, it’s former Virginia Victory chairman Pete Snyder, who has made a bit of noise about the Senate Democratic leader’s comments in which Dick calls Pete an unknown “nut job.”

While there can be no doubt that Sen. Martin has had many more, and in person, occasions to irritate Mr. Saslaw, it shows Synder’s “bragging” has stung.

But here’s to both Martin and Snyder for giving Sen. Saslaw reasons to fuss and fume.


Chris Bond, the Snyder campaign’s communications director, issued this response:

“It’s disheartening and disappointing that at a time when our conservative agenda on key issues like education and preserving our right to work status in Virginia is being derailed by the Democrats in the Senate – that some in our party would choose to use their time to attack other Republicans versus keeping our focus and fire on the very Democrats that are running circles around them. It’s little wonder why so many Virginians believe that the political status quo isn’t working and the career politicians have got to go.”

  • Saslaw deserves it, that’s for sure.

  • Doug Knack

    How can the Democrats in the Senate derail anything? Isn’t it 20/20 with the Republican Lt Gov as the tie breaker?

    • EricMcGrane


      • …and full Senate. LG cannot break ties on budget issues and cannot vote on amendments, where 21 votes are needed.

  • As a non-insider observer, all this does is elevate Snyder at Martin’s expense and by his (Martin’s) own mouth. Absolutely childish. Then again, I have no vote on the LG nomination thanks to the convention putsch.

    • EricMcGrane

      I know…its crazy how the RPV is having a convention this year for the first time ever. Its an outrage.

  • The savvy media I see is Pete using republican blue with no democrat red on his logo..

    • A remarkably underrated strategy, in my opinion.

    • Jason

      Uhhhh James, the GOP’s official color is red, that’s why republican states turn red on electoral maps on election day…

  • Chris Beer

    Snyder is such a phone, poll-tested, cliche’-uttering candidate I have ever seen. Its almost insulting listening to him on Fredericks show. I know what he’s going to say before he says it. He’s running like its a Senate seat, on national issues to cover the fact that he knows absolutely nothing about Virginia politics. I’m no fan of Martin or his brand of conservative politics, but seeing Snyder running around bankrolled by anonymous PACs rehashing the previous night’s Hannity transcript is borderline insulting to our collective intellect.

    • That is sort of the point. Why is everybody sniping at Snyder if he such a dismal and pathetic nobody? Answer: he isn’t.

    • EricMcGrane

      Snyder is the insider’s pick, straight from the failed Romney machine. Its already apparent that Snyder is the Bearing Drift pick. Could he be a good LG?

      • Yeah…that’s why we can’t agree on who might emerge as the winner of this thing. Jackson, Lingamfelter, Stimpson, Snyder, Stewart, Davis – none have emerged and Martin is holed up in Richmond. Far from over and very far for us to take any position/show favoritism. We remain focused on analyzing the campaigns and their ability. If you don’t like our analysis, tough. But it’s not because we have a “pick.”

  • Justin Higgins

    I do think it’s a bit ironic that the Snyder response attacks the Martin campaign for attacking other Republicans, while in the next breath slams anyone who has been fighting the fight in public office. Martin in the Senate, Cantor in Congress, McDonnell in the Governor’s office, all career politicians, but that doesn’t diminish their conservative bona fides.

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