Because DEQ Needs MOAR POWERZ!!

State Senator Emmett Hanger has produced yet another incredibly bad idea.

Today’s entry?  Forcing Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) take over our Soil and Water Conservation Districts from the Department of Water Conservation (DCR) — effectively turning our SWCDs from conservationist and agriculture-friendly institutions, and turning them into environmentalist tools to add to stormwater management regulations, Chesapeake Bay Act regulations, and any other inane anti-farmer bill that comes from Washington or Richmond.

OK, OK… so maybe that’s a bit tough on DEQ (and they truly are good people… most of the time). But still, if it ain’t broke, fellas…

We’re opposing Senate Bill 1279, a bill that would re-align Soil & Water Conservation Districts from DCR to DEQ. Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24) is the sponsor of this bill.

Please contact your state senator IMMEDIATELY. This bill will be up on the Senate floor Wednesday, January 30th (TOMORROW).

Hey AFP-Virginia!  Take this scalp!!

…and seriously, DEQ is good people.  So is DCR.  Which is why this bill just doesn’t make any sense.  Why replace DCR with DEQ, which has direct regulatory power over every farm in Virginia?

Maybe someone can explain it to me in the comments section?

  • I won’t even try to explain it, because I can’t. Another big question; Please explain Emmett Hanger.

  • Wouldn’t it make sense to merge these two agencies, rather than having them separate? As for the soil and water conservation districts, I’m still not sure why those need to be elected.

    • Soil and water conservation is a completely separate subject than environmental quality. Last thing we need to do is hand over more vital systems to the tender mercies of crusading “green” bureaucrats.

  • pinecone321

    Yes, it is as bad an idea as him pushing for castration for violent sex offenders in the state. I’m sure Hanger would have been able to find a few volunteers in Falls Church that would have provided the service, and they would have thrown in a decapitation for free.

    Not every elected official with an R after their name holds to the somewhat traditional Republican plantation of ideas and principles. Some have never even visited that plantation, but only peek in their once in a while.

    Just earlier this month Cuccinelli won a state case against the EPA, who tried to declare stormwater runoff as a pollutant, and to regulate it as such. I’ve no doubt that the folks at the DEQ are good people, it’s their policies and required loyalty to Harry Windsor, er I mean Lisa Jackson, that makes the idea of giving them even more power very dangerous. There is much to be said for checks and balances on the amount of power any one agency has. Isn’t it considered Centralized Power, to give one agency the majority say, and where it is less difficult to heard the cats?

    Does anyone have any idea of who Emmett Hanger supports for Governor in November?

    • MD Russ

      “heard the cats” or herd the cats?

      Your lauding of Ken’s campaign against regulation of stormwater, pine, would have us without the storm water management laws that we already have in the Chesapeake watershed regions. Instead of allowing both agricultural and suburban pollutants to run off into the Bay, we have regulations to prevent further damage to the rich seafood chain that is at an estimated 5% of what it was a hundred years ago. What have you got against blue crabs and oysters? Some of my ancestors made a living fishing the Bay in Mathews County and I grew up enjoying the bounty of the Bay as a kid living on the Lynnhaven Inlet in Princess Anne County. What are we leaving for our grandchildren as we allow motor oil and inorganic chemicals to kill the Bay? What part of “conserve” do conservatives not understand?

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