Virginia Big Line Update for 26 January 2013!

Your Bearing Drift editors slavishly devote themselves to a rigorous mechanism defying even Rube Goldberg mechanics to present yet another edition of the Virginia Big Line!

Big winners:  Cuccinelli for pulling people out of burning trucks, and Snyder for drop-kicking a very whiny Dick Saslaw.  Feel free to fight it out in the comment section, folks.

  • Wait, what? JMDD at 11% chance of winning the convention? With her F rating from the NRA? Surely y’all jest.

    • Not sure it’s that JMDD has an 11% chance, but that with $80K in the bank and about four candidates behind her in fundraising, she can’t be ignored.

      Does she have a snowball’s chance? Methinks not… but I know others here disagree. I’ll let them explain why someone with an F- rating from the NRA could even come CLOSE to the nomination in Virginia.

      • Don’t sell her short. She can be ignored. In fact, she can be safely ignored.

      • I’m still agnostic on this race, but is gun control going to be the issue most folks care about at the convention? I think this is mostly about hustle, getting delegates, and letting the chips fall where they may. I’m sure she’s not talking about her F-rating when she goes to talk to groups, but is discussing things like the economy, transportation, jobs, redistricting, senate gridlock, etc. So, I think she’s ranked reasonably among the pack…still has to get delegates from outside NoVA. But could she pick up a few in Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Charlottesville? Definitely.

  • You keep telling me that Scott Lingamfelter is the Real Deal. I do not see that.

    • He’s got six figures in the bank and a solid base of support. If Lingamfelter goes out on the first round, I’ll buy a round — how’s that?

      • I can never remember seeing a convention nomination going into multiple ballots.

        • It’s almost inevitable this time. Too many people on the ballot with enough money to make this a race.

          • Are there any special rules in this convention? I’m assuming it’s just last place is eliminated? In the second round, can people switch their votes or are they locked in?

          • I haven’t seen the call, but I expect it would be something similar to that. Although, I do know that in some conventions, we haven’t had the last place drops out rule and that has required multiple ballots as folks jockeyed for position and cut deals, like old school political conventions. Nobody should be locked in on any votes. Every delegate can vote however they choose on every ballot – even if you say or pledge to a candidate that you’re voting for them, you’re not locked in.

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