The Speaker admits the social issues bargain is real

When word leaked of a grand bargain between House and Senate leaders that no abortion-related bills would pass in this session (otherwise known as keeping everything above the waist), Senate Republican leader Tommy Norment called it ‘balderdash.’

Except it’s not balderdash, but truth. An inkling of just how wide-reaching that deal is comes from none other than House Speaker Bill Howell. While commenting on the dust-up over the Senate’s redistricting bill, the Speaker said this:

Republican leaders insist the measure merely corrects the flawed map that Democrats passed in 2011, and said they have worked to keep the controversial social battles of 2012 at bay this session.

“Name one bill that’s come out of committee that’s a social bill,” said House Speaker Bill Howell, R-Stafford. “You can’t.”

Yes, such bills have been introduced. But in this session, under the bargain, they are little more than brochure fodder.

And for those of you playing the home version of the game, you earned bonus points if you caught this side-step on the personhood bill back in November.

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