Goodlatte Endorses Obenshain

From today’s press release:

Mark is both an accomplished legislator and an acclaimed attorney, so he understands very well just how important the position of Attorney General is to the Commonwealth of Virginia. One of the founders of the Virginia-based law firm, Lenhart Obenshain PC, Mark has represented Virginians for over twenty-five years on a broad range of issues. I have had the unique perspective of getting to know him at this professional level as a fellow Virginia attorney myself, and cannot think of a more principled and experienced conservative to tackle the issues that face our great state in the future.

Not an unexpected endorsement, but it is unexpectedly early for Goodlatte to get into the race directly.

Expect the endorsements to start coming in dribs and drabs heading into March as the session ends and kickoff for the 2013 RPV Convention gears up.

Of course, for as nasty and direct as the LG race has been, the AG race has almost seemed like a competition between two friends — no hard feelings either way.  Kinda refreshing, you have to admit.

  • I think this means one apiece so far for them, with Goodlatte in Obie’s corner and Hurt in Bell’s. Again, not entirely unexpected–Goodlatte’s already done some events with Mark. Both have pretty substantial endorsement lists compared to the LG races, though certainly, there’s some padding in there of people who probably aren’t all that crucial (then again, endorsements alone mean diddly–it’s what they bring to the table organization and people wise that matters, and some endorsers will lay down more than others)

  • I actually really like the background and voting records of both, but to be honest, I’m really getting tired of legacy-dynasty candidates. Way too many Kennedy’s, Bush’s, Clinton’s , etc., etc. etc. I’m planning to support Rob Bell.

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