Quit calling my house.


UPDATE:  Sounds like a phishing call that is trying to determine live callers vs. disconnected lines.  Still, it’d be kinda nice to know who is using a VoIP service in Hopewell to run that sort of thing…

  • Amen. Just had another one.

  • This is the number that the Conquest call came from in reference to my FB rant yesterday. Personnel or training issue.. ahem.

  • Me too.

  • How about a bill to disallow political calls to phone numbers that are registered on the do not call list. What makes political calls exempt?

    • Congress. They are explicitly written out of the Do Not Call list. Free speech issue.

    • Do Not Call list (DNC?), Virginia? Good luck with that. I can’t stop them no matter what I do. I’m not even sure Virginia has a DNC registry. Missouri does, and boy do they take these companies to the cleaners when they get busted. Hard to stop though.

  • My wife answered a call from Conquest. It was paid for by Rob Bell.

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