VaPilot: Artur Davis Eyes Virginia State Senate Seat

Well now isn’t this interesting:

The onetime Alabama Democrat is now a Republican who’s said to be considering a state Senate bid in Northern Virginia, perhaps against Sen. Dave Marsden, in 2015 if the new district map remains in place, according to GOP sources.

Marsden’s Fairfax County-based district would move into Prince William County under the pending Republican plan that Democrats have denounced as a partisan power grab.

The article also speculates on whether the former Democrat would run for either Rep. Frank Wolf’s seat (VA-10) should he retire, or possibly challenge arch-liberal Gerry Connolly (VA-11) in Rep. Tom Davis’ old seat.

Davis has certainly been making the rounds statewide, hosting fundraisers and talking about how the modern Democratic Party effectively moved well beyond his value system.

Marsden approached the challenge with characteristic… um, well you can be the judge:

When approached Friday, Marsden said he “hadn’t heard anything about” a rumored challenge from Davis, asking “is he running as a Democrat or Republican?”

Nice one there, Senator Marsden.  Betcha he was back pocketing that witty retort for a long, long time.

To listen to Artur Davis speak is a real treat — when Republicans talk about the future of the party, it’s gentlemen like Artur Davis that will lead the charge.

  • We don’t need Democrats leading the charge as the future of the GOP.

    • Considering the GOP is outnumbered about 33% identified Democrats to 25% identified Republicans, a few converts on the Road to Damascus is not a bad thing.

      • I’m fine with converts. Converts conveniently running for office concern me.

        • Converts — as any churchman will tell you — are typically the greatest evangelists and saints.

      • MD Russ

        Hmmmmm…only 25% of voters self-identifying as Republicans and only 33% as Democrats. That leaves 42% who self-identify with neither party. What does that tell you about closed primaries and conventions, single-issue litmus tests, and the failure of “big tent” political parties? I predict that one of the two major parties will not survive the first half of this century and go the way of the Whigs. Which one shall it be?

        The party that wants to bankrupt the country with entitlements such as free health care and wants to make personal security a government responsibility?


        The party that wants to restrict access to health care, esp. for women, and wants to have a taxation policy that ignores our crumbling infrastucture and growing transportation problems?

        I personally think that both of them should go the way of the Whigs. And I am among the 42% who feel that way.

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