Dick Saslaw Stays Classy

It’s your tax money… and Saslaw will tell you when he’s had enough!

Perhaps because Dick Saslaw has been downing shots and chasing it with painkillers… quotes like these make the Washington Post:

“You think I’m actually concerned about some nut job whose knowledge about this state could be put in a one-ounce shot glass and still have plenty of room left over?” Saslaw said.

The aforementioned nut job?

Pete Snyder, the Lieutenant Governor candidate who apparently has no qualms about playing the role of presiding over the Virginia Senate a bit early.

Here’s what got Saslaw’s nose out of joint:

Gee… wonder why — if Dick Saslaw really didn’t care about this ad — he took such grave offense?

No matter.  Candidates running for the #2 spot on the ticket would do well to show how’d they serve the ticket.

Snyder taking the gloves off on Dick Saslaw?  Great move.