It’s a Little Early For Valentines Day, Isn’t It?

First, let me play a bit of music just to set the mood:

…and just as we speculated here on Bearing Drift first (and got attacked by just about every RINO in Virginia), the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports via headline — McAuliffe praises Bolling on job creation, sees him as potential appointee :

Bolling, the lieutenant governor who withdrew from the GOP nominating race for governor against Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli late last year, is toying with an independent run for the Executive Mansion. He was the first to speak at the breakfast and left before McAuliffe arrived to deliver remarks to the group.

But when he did speak, Bolling didn’t sound like he was ready to shelve his gubernatorial aspirations just yet. Remarking on a brochure for the breakfast that had pictures of McAuliffe and Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee, on the cover, the lieutenant governor quipped:

“You might have to create a third box — I just don’t know,” he said.

McAuliffe did not back off the Bolling offer in comments after the breakfast.

“If he would like to stay involved and help me create jobs, I would welcome any opportunity,” he told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“He’s got a lot of great experience in this field. Listen, I don’t want to insult him… but I’d be open,” McAuliffe added.

“My cabinet would be a mixture…at the end of the day, who is going to help us move Virginia forward? He’s got very good ideas on business and economic development. I’d love to be involved with him to do it,” he continued.

So what precisely did T-Mac and Bolling discuss over their private meeting?

  • Sending a bouquet with Bath Salts to both of them..

  • Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to gossip after the Lt. Governor had a comment, especially considering that he wasn’t even there when all of this took place?

    • Read the article. From the LG:

      “You might have to create a third box — I just don’t know,” he said.


  • There is precedent here — Democrat Mark Warner appointed former Republican Lt. Gov. John Hager to an administration post (though I’m not sure it was cabinet-level).

    • Hager did serve in a Cabinet-level capacity after 9/11. I don’t begrudge him that one iota.

  • Lovettsville Lady

    The worst part is Bolling was our tie breaker in the Senate. Now, not so much.

  • pinecone321

    How many green energy companies, wind and solar were wooed and attracted to VA because of incentives and tax breaks over the last few years? I’d really like to know. Perhaps McAuliffe could benefit from someone who shares his leftist philosophies serving in his administration, and not thrown to the winds of political failure.

  • DJRippert

    As usual, the reactionary right in Virginia just doesn’t “get” the electorate. The 80% of Virginians who are not “right fringe” or “left fringe” are sick and tired of a dysfunctional government where one extremist cabal battles the other extremist cabal. Therefore, any politician who appears to be willing to “reach across the aisle” gets credit for that. I don’t expect those of you on the reactionary fringe of the Republican Party to like this. However, I kind of expect you to be intelligent enough to understand it.

    McAuliffe’s goal is to be the anti-extremist to Cuccinelli’s extremism. That’s a winning hand for getting votes from the large block of undecideds in the middle. What is more anti-extremist than to compliment the sitting Lt Governor from the other party?

    Bolling’s goal is to be the moderate. If he decides to run he’ll need to shake off his conservative image and try to occupy the middle ground. What helps his independent image more than being wooed by the Democratic candidate?

    A Bolling independent run hurts Cuccinelli more than McAuliffe. McAuliffe loses nothing by extending this olive branch.

    This was a fairly clever political move by both men.

    See also: Chris Christie surveying Sandy damage with Obama and criticizing Republicans for delaying Sandy aid. Do you think this hurt Christie’s popularity in New Jersey?

    Once upon a time Ronald Reagan reached across the aisle and worked with Tip O’Neil. Does that make Reagan a RINO?

    The RPV seems intent on committing suicide.

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