Stimpson “disappointed” and “frustrated” with McDonnell transportation plan

Interesting statement from GOP lieutenant governor candidate Susan Stimpson on Gov. McDonnell’s transportation funding plan. She’s against it. And her stand, at least on government spending, gets applause from the other candidates (Jackson and Snyder) visible on the screen. Combine this with other comments we’ve heard from statewide Republican candidates, such as AG hopeful Sen. Mark Obenshain, and one is forced to wonder how long before there’s an open revolt over the Governor’s idea.

  • Mike Barrett

    Of course republicans are against it. They are against taxes, period, and they have won on that platform over and over again, and won’t admit the reality of the damage they have done to the Commonwealth until they lose. Frankly, they should applaud the Governor because at least he can say on November 5th that he tried to raise taxes but he was defeated. By taking the blame, he takes it off Howell and the no tax republicans.
    That is the nature of republican leadership in this state. Curtail voting, curtail bipartisan election districts, curtail the rights of woman and minorities, curtial taxes at any cost, and curtail quality transportation, K-12 education, public safety, and affordable tuition. With their grip on the House, all these things are possible.
    So this sham of a transportation plan needs to be defeated, and the no tax republican candidates on the right need to be defeated as well. The only way this Commonwealth can begin to reform is with new leadership that realizes that no taxes is not policy, it is avoidance of the responsibility to govern.

    • You appear to have a very different conception of the role of government than a normal Republican. I can only presume you are not one.

      I’ve yet to encounter a real Republican who would not admit that government at all levels spends too much and wastes much of what it spends. The answer to calls for new taxes is to call for spending cuts – there is plenty to cut, if people went about it with the same level of determination with which they pursue tax hikes.

      Tax hikes are an economy killer and we simply can’t afford any more government damage to the economy in the midst of the deepest economic crisis ever experienced by the USA.

  • Scout

    ARB: some detail on how spending cuts will materially improve the decay of our transportation infrastructure and build adequate capacity for future economic growth would be much appreciated. One expects Rs running for office to anticipate cheap votes based on tax aversion. However, the Governor seemed to realize that something quite different would be necessary to fund transportation on a going forward basis. He proposes getting rid of a gas tax that was inadequate and that, politically, could not be improved upon. He substituted a broader based tax that is not without its problems, but still leave Virginia competitive regionally and that provides at least a larger portion of the needed revenue for construction. I think even he would welcome a better idea, but not a lot of those are floating around.

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