DEVELOPING: Virginia Senate Passes NEW Redistricting Map

Virginia Senate Republicans have pushed for a gotten a vote on a NEW redistricting map that has passed 20-19. DEVELOPING.

  • It ought to be made part of the state Constitution that legislative districts should be determined in as mathematically geographically compact a manner as possible. Gerrymandering inherently violates the principle of representation by deliberately minimizing the effect of elections – it is pro-establishment (for both parties) and anti-we the people.

  • Looks like even some HOD districts moved, too… lots of changes here. LOTS.

  • RLHedlund

    Deeds and Hanger all over again. Last time was when both ran for the same House seat. I was Republican unit Chairman for that area back then. Hanger lost and that was when he then ran for Senate. De ja vu all over again.

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