Am I The Only Republican in Virginia Who Thinks This Reeks?

Anyone really want to explain to me how this fits the definition of “slight tweaking” when it comes to State Senate and HOD districts?

I hate to say this guys… but this offends my sense of fair play.

No — I don’t really care if the Democrats would have done it to us.  Maybe they would have if the tables were turned… but that doesn’t mean that because other people are shallow and capricious, it then in turn gives us the excuse to do likewise.

I’m sure Kenton Ngo will have all the details sorted out and the maps available (he should really set up a tip jar).

I’m wincing pretty hard at this, guys.  This is dirty, dirty pool.   To do it on MLK Jr. day?  Doubles the embarrassment.

…and this?

Talk about an open palmed face slap to Lt. Governor Bill Bolling by the House and the Senate Republicans.

If the reports from the Richmond Times Dispatch’s Jeff Schapiro are right and the Governor is indeed as angry as everyone else is hearing… then why wouldn’t McDonnell simply guarantee to veto the measure?

Guys… this was a mistake.  Even if it’s legal and it passes muster, even if people forget that it ever happened, you’ve now established precedent.

…and all pendulums swing.

UPDATE:  Julian Walker with the Virginia Pilot has more:

Democrats said that increase illegally packs black voters into one territory rather than enhancing their strength commensurate with their 20 percent share of the state population.

“This plan is not about the citizens of the commonwealth, but about protecting the interests of those who currently hold office,” said Sen. Mamie Locke, a Hampton Democrat who offered the alternative Senate plan last year.

Other Democrats argued it is improper for the legislature to pass a map now after failing to approve a reapportionment plan last year as the state constitution requires.

Defending the Republican bill was Sen. Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg, who said lawmakers have the authority to approve it this year. He blamed Democrats for the delay that inhibited earlier passage of a redistricting plan.

The map now heads to Gov. Bob McDonnell desk before facing a federal review for compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

It also is the subject of lawsuits filed in state and federal court over the legislature’s tardiness in passing a plan.

Just made a big mess even messier, it seems.

You know… sometimes you get given an article from January 2012… and it just passes right by ya. Nevertheless, the background on the problems Virginia has had with redistricting are enough to choke a horse.

UPDATE x2:  Your new Senate districts are right here… and there are indeed some pretty wild districts in here.

UPDATE x3:  Vivian Paige sums up the feelings of the Democrats succinctly:

This is no “technical corrections” bill.  This is a coup.


UPDATE x4:  Chris Beer over at Mason Conservative derides the Senate Democrats for their poutrage… then reconsiders.

Maybe the GOP thinks this will help them, and I think that many of the down-the-line GOP supporters are cheerleading this, I fear the law of unintended consequences will hit us one more time.  The optics of taking advantage of the abscence of a civil rights-era senator going to the inaguration of a black president is pretty terrible to start with.  Second, how many times have we complained about Democrats (in Congress especially) throwing bills out there to vote on without proper time to consider it?  We can talk now, can we?

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