The Other McCain: Should @TedNugent And The NRA Just Morph Into A Political Party?

You know guys… it’s late. Wild ideas sometimes come across my desk and hey — I’m just tossing this one out there:

My point here is:

1.  The GOP seems kinda feckless.
2.  Political parties ain’t beanbag.
3.  The NRA offers great depth, if not breadth.
4.  The threat of an under-bussing might get a bit of notice from the GOP elite, once Boehner’s tear tank runs low.
5.  The NRA has succeeded by focusing on just the one amendment. However, the collapse of the other nine in the Bill of Rights is truly worrisome.

Oh — and you should probably add Robert Stacy McCain to your blog feed.

Now I’m not saying this is right or wrong.  Not saying that this is a great idea… not saying it’s a bad idea… but does this sum up the mood of a combination of Tea Party, libertarian, Ron Paul supporters, constitutionalists, and 2nd Amendment folks out there?

Don’t tell me this sentiment isn’t out there.  It is — and though perhaps a minority of Americans, it counts for a sizable plurality within the GOP core.

Cast the wide net — moderate Republicans, social conservatives, Tea Party conservatives, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, constitutionalists, etc. and tell me something.  Is there anything that binds this coalition together other than “we’re against that!” and little else?  Or are the factions within the GOP so fractious, short-sighted, and perhaps dare I use the word capricious that a properly-led grassroots movement couldn’t build the Leave Me Alone Coalition and march it to victory?

If there’s a long pole to our big tent, it’s that right there.  All we ask is to be left alone.

So is the Republican Party going to embrace that ideal as a party?  Or not?

More importantly, are the personalities and power-grabbers within the party astute enough to quit kicking one another under the table and start kicking Democrats for a change?  Tough to see during primary season… but let’s all be very honest — all parts of the Reagan coalition could use better optics nowadays, eh?

  • Noog for prez 2016

  • The grassroots has already embraced the imperative of smaller government. Leaders who don’t reflect the will of the people need to go.

    • Which grassroots? The sort that keeps losing primaries to establishment Republicans? Or the sort that keep electing the establishment and cutting deals with the Democrats?

      Note to ourselves: the grassroots have *not* embraced the imperative of smaller government. Until Tea Party activists start repudiating their government-managed pensions, refuse to take Medicare and Social Security, and actively work for the devolution of government to the private sector… it comes right back to “socialism sucks until it works for you” line.

      Frankly, if you threw most self-professed libertarians and Tea Party types on their own resources, they’d be begging for socialism in four weeks. I have very little faith that “live free or die” is anything more than a philosophical exercise where folks reflected on it for 25 minutes and had a few novel ideas…

      However, there’s hope… some folks get it… those folks have been in the trenches for decades and not months. When it becomes uncool to be small government, they will still be around — unlike the AWOL types. They will be the ones to really forge the alternative vision for smaller government… because right now, all I see is a wave of dissatisfaction — not resolve.

      • I await the new dawn where we celebrate the restoration of a renewed party.. or the elimination of it as we know it. A 3rd party would mean the existence of the GOP as a binding threat to such so the only way in the near term is to purge enough of the establishment for the grassroots to become effective.

        • I still think there’s a good deal of “sorting out” on our end that needs to be done. We’re not even a majority within our own party… and perhaps until we snap off — either into a “3rd force” as Richard Viguerie has suggested (and I think, is wise) or into a 3rd party with substance that would absorb or incorporate the Libertarian and Constitution Parties — we will never have a true opposition party in America.

          …but we need one.

          • I would include stalwart conservatives and “abolitionists & free soilers” in that group.. The problem is that I do not see enough mutiny among the crew.. not enough prey drive and blood lust to initiate or sustain the act.

      • The dissatisfaction is trauma from repeatedly making huge compromises on candidates in order to get a Republican elected, and then they don’t win the race OR they turn into de facto Democrats after being elected.

        2012 was a watershed election. It was the logical endpoint of the vote-for-the-“electable” (read: left-wing) candidate philosophy – we ended up nominating a carbon copy of Barack Obama and still lost quite badly, under conditions in which any generic Republican ought to have kicked Obama’s ass.

        Grassroots folks are ready for a new strategy, one that can not only win elections but also actually advance the ball in the right direction.

        Fortunately, some have been working on just such a strategy for quite some time now and are already presenting those ideas to the folks looking for answers. The ideas are pretty simple, they’re what got Reagan – the most libertarian Republican nominee this side of Barry Goldwater, and only successful Republican President since Eisenhower – elected.

        If you’re not sure as to what exactly those ideas are, just google Ron Paul and you’ll find them. If you’re not sure they will work, find yourself some pictures of college students literally climbing trees to get a glimpse of Paul speaking a hundred yards away, and ask yourself what other Republican candidate could get that reaction from anybody, let alone from a demographic which is presently not at all in our favor.

        • Ron Paul in a primary barely covers 20% of the spread. So long as his more ardent supporters are more concerned about demeaning possible converts rather than actually converting them… the Ron Paul movement will never grow into a mainstream effort — simple as that.

          Besides, if the internet actually reflected reality, Ron Paul would be President right now. Truth is, candidates govern two steps to the left of how they ran. Look at how Ron Paul supporters are treating the son… good Lord… tell me that’s a movement that values coalitions and is ready to lead when the loyalty factor is zero.

        • MD Russ


          I have trying to figure out what your malfunction is and now it is clear: you are a Paulistinian.

          Here are some of Ron Paul’s ideas that have college students climbing trees:

          -return to the gold standard. Great idea! Let’s eliminate M sub 2 and M sub 3 from our entire economy. Every purchase will be cash only with currency that is backed dollar-for-dollar by Federal government gold. Watch what happens to the economy when the money supply all but vanishes and interest rates return to double digits not seen since the Carter Administration. And as the international gold market manipulates the value of gold, we lose control over our currency.

          -audit the FED. The GAO has done that, most recently in July 2011.

          -close the over-700 foreign US bases and bring our troops home. Wonderful idea, although there are only 88 foreign US bases. However, we tried that after World War I. How did that turn out? Too bad that we can’t poll the 416,800 Americans who were killed in World War II on the issue.

          -legalize all recreational drugs. It is your problem what your teenager does when she goes to a party. Lets just hope that no one has any of that date-rape stuff handy.

          -end student loans. Let’s go back to the good old days when only the children of the wealthy got to go to college.

          And there is much, much more. Ron Paul and his cult-followers are nutty as fruitcakes.

  • Mike Barrett

    From my perspective, the republican “establishment” is now the far right supporters of guns, voting suppression, conservative purity, lack of woman’s rights nor those of immigrants or racial minorities. In essence, the far right has established that coaltion as your new majority; the real question is, with that lineup, how do you get to a majority of the electorate?
    The answer, you can’t. The more you double down, the worse it will get except of course for safe electoral districts. Here in Virginia, the same factors are playing out, and the republican party can still win a majority in the House because of so many safe districts, but that will change as well over time. Ironically, tolls may lead that result and the no tax Delegates force tolls and voters get really ticked off about them.

    • Mike, lets get real. Name a few real far right supporters of guns. And name 5 conservative purists. My GOP has been overwhelmed by Your dems who have thoroughly inflitrated My party and turned it into a mockery of Republican values. Be specific with your charges..

      • Mike Barrett

        Yes James, you are a special case. Frankly, I don’t have a clue who would qualify to serve in your republican party. On the other hand, I am quite sure that would not be a majority party.

        • …which speaks to how open minded you truly are, if you have so few conservative friends.

          • Mike Barrett

            Actually Shaun, that is the point. I have many friends I consider to be conservative and republican, but none I know of who would meet James’s critieria for being a real republican. You and he and many others on this forum have painted yourselves into a tiny corner of true believers who disdain the opinions of the rest of us. For a party that is getting smaller, that seems like a self destructive strategy.

          • Not so sure a broad coalition of Republican-oriented writers ranging from Brian Schoeneman to Norm Leahy to myself would be considered “a party that is getting smaller” — but hey, don’t let reality intrude upon your stereotypes.

            No wonder your party had such a tough time with MLK Jr, given that such deep prejudice against others exists even today. Think about that today as Republican celebrate the legacy of one of their own who brought down Democratic segregationist policies. Cheers!

          • Mike Barrett

            Well Shaun, I know you are not sure, but I am. Just look at your slate for Governor and Lt. Governor. Do you see any moderate centrists in the bunch? Do you see any candidates who will broaden the electoral base and restore the Party to a majority? Do you see any candidates that would address the crucial issues that face our Commonwealth after years of decline?

          • Yes, Mike.

          • Look at the entire slate of LG candidates as a whole — working mothers, African American pastors, young entrepreneurs, defense contractors, accomplished citizens all.

            Seems as if we have a much broader base willing to step up and let their voices be heard than the loyal opposition does…

  • IF you could unite constitutional conservatives, i.e., people who understand the Bill of Rights, particularly #1 and #2, to come together, it could happen. As long as we have a wing of the party screaming there is no 1st amendment, and bringing their bibles to party conventions, then no. There can be no big tent with idiots who want to run the country like the Taliban. Sorry.

    • Not sure I’m seeing that wing of the party, seeing as (1) those same Christians (2) proffered the 1st Amendment anyway as a means of protecting their religious liberty — not as a means of stripping it away from others…

      • Protecting one’s religious liberty is one thing, and to be admired; imposing one’s religious views on everybody else is tyranny.

        • Can we name of any other religious stricture other than Christianity that has provided the framework for religious liberty, free speech, the free market, etc? Only in the Western Tradition… the inheritance of Christianity. To state otherwise is to rewrite history.

  • OR….the “Establishment” Republicans (whoever that is) should adopt a party platform seeking to revoke the 1st amendment, and call themselves the Christian Party, and we can split that way.

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