TSA will still require passengers to assume the position

Social media mavens were thrilled yesterday at the news the TSA was removing the full body scanners from airports because “…developers can’t write software to make the images less revealing.”

That would be good news. If it was all true. Sadly, the TSA will still force passengers to assume the position before boarding flights:

The machines we have to work through at major airports — collectively dubbed ‘nude-o-scopes’ by many passengers whose bodies and privacy are invaded by them on a daily basis — are going to continue to be used.

What’s going away are the backscatter x-ray machines, and those are being replaced by millimeter wave machines.

Backscatter machines have already been gradually removed from major airports, and moved to less trafficked airports.

So nothing has really changed, and in the nation’s airports, you are still required to stand and deliver.

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