The Score this week: Big Lines, Jackson and Martin speak, and why do Democrats take from children?

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Shaun Kenney and Scott Lee discuss the Virginia Big Line for this week — which candidates are up, which are sliding down and why. Scott also interviews one of those candidates — E.W. Jackson, who is seeking the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. They talk about Jackson’s “Engage and Reform Agenda.”

Our special correspondent Rick Sincere has a sit down conversation with Sen. Steve Martin, another of the GOP lieutenant governor hopefuls. Martin explains why he’s the best candidate for the job, and gives a rather interesting answer to the question of which person on the other side of the aisle he admires.

And in his Two Minute Drill, Jim Hoeft takes the Democrats to task over their spending priorities — on roads, eduction and more. And maybe instead of trying to pave our way out of gridlock, perhaps we should consider other options that require a bit of imagination, and dash of inspiration.

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