Perhaps A Case For Mental Background Checks

As soon as I walked in the door this morning Clyde asked me, “What was that fool doing Bunkie?”

“What fool Clyde,” It seems we both know way too many fools.

“That fool in the Capitol, the one what ain’t never seen a gun in his life, much less been taught how to handle one.”

“Oh, you mean Delegate Joe Morrissey, a Democrat from the general assembly representing the area around Richmond. Mr. Morrissey is quite a character, I tell you. Now I don’t actually know the man. We’ve howdied but never shook. He sure has created more than his share of headlines though.”

Clyde brought my coffee and sat at the bar beside me.

“I didn’t know that. What kind of headlines, Bunkie?”

“Well, in 1999 he viciously assaulted a man. Don’t know why. According to Daily Caller author Steven Nelson, due to that incident he;

…was disbarred and lost his law license in 2003 after attacking a man — beating him with a large ring around his finger.
According to a legal brief filed on behalf of the victim, Morrissey shouted, “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to beat your head in,” and then attempted to make good on his promise.
When the man attempted to escape his beating, Morrissey “smashed his head into the corner of a brick wall,” according to a court filing by the victim’s lawyers.

“For that little temper tantrum he spent time, was ordered to pay $40 thousand in damages and a million in punitive damages. That was later reduced, but I don’t by how much. Doesn’t really matter anyway. The man obviously seems to have some anger issues.”

“I’ll say he does Bunkie.”

“That’s not all Clyde. He left here for Ireland and then Australia where he got in trouble for being less than truthful. Too many times. You can read all about him here.”.

Clyde read that from my computer and said, “What I do know, from looking at that picture, he sure don’t know jack about how to handle a gun. What I want to know is, with all those things he’s done before, is he even allowed to carry someone else’s gun from one room to another, much less to the floor of the House? I’m betting he would never pass a background check.”

I said “I don’t know about that, but it’s a good question. And to top it off, he’s been considering running for Attorney General.”

I had finished my breakfast while we were talking, so I spun my notebook around and checked my e-mail. It seems Mr. Morrissey had the gall to present a gun control bill to the General Assembly, HB 2207.

“Look here Clyde, his gun control bill didn’t even make it out of the first subcommittee that got a hold of it.”

“Well, ain’t that cute,” Clyde said.

“You know I was a Marine, right? A drill instructor. My first real instructions were on firearms safety. You know, after teaching them how to run five miles without puking.”

“I never would have guessed that Clyde. You seem so quiet and serene all the time. Even when Rita or Chris do something dumb.”

Clyde said, “Rita won’t never kill nobody with spilled coffee. Chris might be a messy cook, but who really cares about that?

“They both know what they are doing. This guy ain’t got a clue. If he was in my platoon, he’d still be running the obstacle course.”

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