“Fighting” Joe Morrissey Hearts AK-47s

So how many basic elements of firearm safety does Delegate Joe Morrissey violate in this picture alone?

Anyone want to tell Morrissey that it’s called a “trigger guard” for a reason other than a place to put your thumb?

Now tell me folks — does anyone truly want to be dictated to on their 2nd Amendment rights by a guy like this?


  • DearGod

    You can tell he’s a real pro. Holding your weapon like that at the qual range will get you kicked off.

  • MD Russ

    It is hard to tell from the photo, but the rifle he is holding appears to be not an AK-47 but either an NAK-90 or an NHM-90, Chinese knock-offs specifically designed for hunting. It would not meet the ATF definition of an “assault rifle” because it does not have a flash suppressor, a folding or telescoping stock, or a bayonet lug. You might categorize it as an SLG (scary looking gun), but even if an assault rifle ban is passed this rifle would not be prohibited.

    • You’re right,MD. It looks like a MAK-90.

      • MD Russ

        Thanks for correcting my typo, Brian. Yes, it is a MAK-90, not an NAK-90. But the point is that it is a sporting rifle that would never meet the BATF definition of an assault rifle.

        And that is the problem with liberals: they want to legislate those things that they know absolutely nothing about. Morrissey either knows less about firearms than I know about brain surgery or he is a complete fraud. BTW, the reason that he is holding up an SLG instead of an assault rifle is most likely because he couldn’t find an assault rifle anywhere for sale when he went looking for a prop. Many news sources are reporting that dealers are sold out of these weapons and that the most popular, the AR-15 variants, have a waiting list now of one year or more. Eric Holder, Joe Morrissey, and their ilk have done more for sales of assault rifles than the NRA could ever have hoped for. Good job, gun-grabbers.

        And you, Brian, seem to know a lot about firearms for a RINO union lawyer. (Very big grin)


          • Only in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it…..

          • MD Russ

            Not only that, but the Brady Bunch would have us believe that the MAK-90 is used to hunt cute little Panda bears in China.

        • One of the first things that got me into politics was the second amendment. And you are absolutely right. He went with a cheapo Chinese made rifle that’s almost 20 years old, assuming whoever he got it from didn’t violate the 922r assembly ban. And don’t forget the lack of a scary pistol grip.

          The recent hoopla has jacked up prices on all of these guns – even MAK-90s are going for between. $750 and $1k, which is nuts, seeing as how you could have gotten one for half that just a couple years ago.

          • MD Russ

            True. All assault rifles are now selling for three times their previous value. What I can’t understand is, why? I was in the military for 25 years and am a CCW permit holder for almost 20 years in Virginia. I don’t own an assault weapon and can’t understand why I would ever need one. If “they” come to get me, I won’t stand a chance. It is not my government that I fear. It is the lawless class that I can easily deter with my pocket auto.

          • Same reason some folks buy Corvettes instead of Camrys.

          • MD Russ

            Good point.

          • Now that’s funny! Used to say the same thing about H2s and the Chevy Tahoe.

  • Patrick Crute

    Also should be pointed out that he, a Democrat, put Virginia on the Drudge Report. Ironic given all the comments Democrats had about the press given to the session last year.

  • Susan G

    But you don’t have to have any expertise to own any gun you want. You can carry your “scary” weapon any way you want. You can store it in your house any way you want. You can flash it about without all the doodads properly in place. You can do what you want with your weaponry. So why are you picking on Morrisey. It is his God-given second amendment right to flash his gun as he sees fit. Stay with the program folks. Don’t pick on gun-owners who don’t know what they’re doing. They are constitutionally protected to be as stupid as they want. Isn’t that what the second amendment is all about? There is no where that it states that you must have certain knowledge, sanity, or safeguards to own a weapon. Your right, remember. Constitutionally protected.

    • We’re not saying anything regarding his rights. We’re saying he is demonstrating his cluelessness in an obvious and unsafe way. If he were holding a samurai sword by the blade and waving it around, we’d say the same thing (although the bloody hand would give it away to folks who aren’t as familiar with sword etiquette).

      • Susan G

        So then what’s your point in posting this? So he’s clueless and unsafe. What does that have to do with your stance about gun control?

        • It’s simply that those of us who are gun owners are really tired of being lectured to by people who know nothing about guns. And we’re especially tired of being told what laws need to be enacted to combat gun violence by those who are unfamiliar with firearms. It’s this lack of knowledge and the fear it creates that result in the knee-jerk responses of those on the left to guns and gun-related violence. And those knee-jerk responses manifest themselves in greater regulation that simply makes it harder for law abiding citizens to exercise their rights, never solves the underlying problem, and quite often make zero sense in their enactment. That’s where we get nonsense laws against “plastic guns” and the worthless “ballistic fingerprinting” that Maryland has.

          • Susan G

            But that doesn’t stop you from talking about vaginas and abortion and trying to pass laws regulating both. How many ignorant men have stood on the floor of the General Assembly discussing proposed legislation regulating vaginas and abortion and you’ve cheered them on here on Bearing Drift? That ultra-sound bill last year was a perfect example of men passing laws regulating vaginas when they had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. And they’ve stood their ignorant ground this year against its repeal. So now that you get it, I guess all the anti-abortion stuff will cease here on Bearing Drift, because you understand what it feels like to have people who don’t know what they’re talking about trying to write rules and laws to regulate your big powerful jacked- up “guns.”.

          • Not that many. Most of the men who’ve discussed proposed legislation regulating reproductive health have spent plenty of time learning all they could about it to make informed decisions and statements. Todd Akin is not a Virginia Republican. The ultra-sound bill last year wasn’t introduced by a man, Susan.

            No, the anti-abortion stuff won’t stop here because that’s what we believe. And since you can’t have a kid without a man being involved at some point, acting like we can’t possibly understand it is infantile. As are you “big powerful jacked-up guns” comment. Everything resolves around vaginal and penis imagery with you.

          • Susan G

            My goodness, Brian, I had no idea that men felt their guns were an extension of their genitalia. That explains their irrational resistance to any regulation. Thanks for clearing that up. I just wish they would afford that same protection to the rights of women to do as they see fit with their bodies as they do to their right to own any firearms.

          • /eyeroll

          • Susan G

            So angry, J.R and full of graphic imagery,. but through it all I do discern a complete disregard for the life of the unborn. You tell me to “go get laid” and then “vacuumed,” and how you don’t want to pay for it. I’ve always known that when you men argue against abortion, that it has nothing to do with the life of the fetus, but about the woman having sex, or better yet, you paying for dinner and then she not putting out, or if she does have sex and gets pregnant, then it’s her punishment for having sex. It really isn’t about babies. Never has been. It’s a property rights issue.

          • Susan, I don’t care what happens between your legs – and it is my hope that most men feel that way about you too. You brought this conversation to this level because of your attitude here and throughout other comment threads. You want to accuse those of us who think an abortion should be safe (having a mandated ultrasound) and hygienic (the same standards as a dental clinic) as wanting to get into your vagina – that attitude is insulting and obnoxious on your part. Not to mention misleading since it was women who advanced the bills.

            I apologize for my comments earlier. I was upset. But that doesn’t excuse you for intentionally picking a fight when none was warranted. Signing off. I hope you got that dinner tonight and have a nice weekend.

          • Susan G

            Actually, I’ve got a bit of the flu, but thanks for wishing me a nice weekend.
            I do come on this site with an attitude. I do try to incite discussion in hopes of bringing to light the fallacious reasoning behind all of your arguments regarding women’s reproductive health.
            I do find it odd that many times on this site I have been told in a quite hostile manner that my mother should have aborted me. That’s a favorite of Brian K. Now you just told me to get an abortion. For a group of folks who seem to value human life from conception to breathing tube, the way yall so flippantly throw the word “abortion” around seems to be contrary to your “oh so serious” concern for the unborn.

          • You’re quite right, Susan. And I apologize, again, for saying it. What I won’t apologize for is my prayer for life and for others to truly act in a loving manner for the lives we want to be born. Quite frankly, you’re right. If lives aren’t loved and cared for, then what’s the alternative?

          • Susan G

            I accept your apology. Now if you’d only tell the other Bearing Boys to stop calling for my “premature” death, then all can be forgiven

          • Nobody else on this site is calling for you death, Susan. Leave the drama queen nonsense somewhere else. We’ve all gotten used to your narrowminded focus on one issue a long time ago, and you’ve added zero to the discussion of abortion that hasn’t been said a thousand times by other women more concerned with themselves than what they may do to a unborn kid.

          • Susan G

            And from stage right enters Brian S, all brazen, full of bravado, and unrepentant. “Despair thy charm, and let the angel whom thou still hast served tell thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb untimely ripped.” Now that’s drama.

          • Not really brazen or full of bravado, just bored. “Sarah G is a tedious as a twice-told tale; Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man.”

          • MD Russ


            I have never called for your premature death or in any other way that I can remember been rude to you. You, on the other hand, seem to go out of your way to be obnoxious, condescending, and unpleasant. Your comments here are hardly going to influence anyone’s thinking because no one can get past your insults and sarcasm to consider whatever point it is that you are trying to make. That makes you a troll of the first degree and you are wasting your time posting here.

            And if you have followed my comments in the past, then you should know that I am not opposed to abortion when it is medically or psychologically necessary. But I doubt that you even know that because you seem to have a single purpose of pissing off everyone. And in the process, you alienate those who might agree with you to some extent. If you think that you are serving any positive purpose on this blog, then you are simply masturbating while indulging in an egotistical fantasy. Get lost.

        • MD Russ


          The issue is not that Morrissey is clueless and unsafe. The issue is that he is promoting legislation from a position of total ignorance. In this case, he is calling for an assault weapons ban when he obviously has no idea what an assault weapon is. That is bad law-making and has no place in our General Assembly. And that is why gun owners dig their heels in and resist even the most reasonable gun restrictions–they know from experience that the product that comes out of the sausage machine will rarely bear any resemblance to what they agreed with in the beginning. People like Joe Morrissey are the best thing that ever happened to absolutists like the GOA and VCDL who want no restrictions whatsoever on gun ownership.

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