Del. David Ramadan Kicks Butt!

Two major bills that Delegate Ramadan (R-87th) has sponsored through the General Assembly have earned the support of the governor:

“Making Virginia the best place in the country in which to find a job is the top priority of our administration,” said Governor McDonnell. “… I want to thank Delegates May, Kilgore, Head, Ramadan, Webert and Watson for their leadership of the Business Development Caucus. The Caucus worked tirelessly over the past year to ensure that small business owners’ voices were heard in the legislative process. Their small business roundtables resulted in much of the legislation and budget items announced today.”

“I am delighted to have the Governor’s support on these two bills,” said Delegate Ramadan on Tuesday afternoon. “I am looking forward to the passage of these bills. During this past year I have heard some great ideas presented by the business community, and it is an honor to be able to champion these two bills.”

House Bill 1760 requires the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to integrate their online forms with the already established Virginia Business One Stop website. With Business One Stop, small business owners can submit all their paperwork electronically, from permits to applications. This bill streamlines the process, allowing business owners to spend more time on their business instead of filling out paperwork.

House Bill 2120 directs the Board of Education to develop guidelines for the establishment of High School to Work Partnerships where each local school division will help partner students with local businesses to create apprenticeships, internships, and job shadow programs. This legislation continues to focus on building strong partnerships between local business leaders and the public education system. It is based off of a successful program in North Carolina.

I don’t know about you, but HB 2120 looks awesome!  Precisely what a 21st century workforce needs.

Between Del. Ramadan and Del. Habeeb — the Lebanese Caucus in the House of Delegates is rockin’!**


**says Bearing Drift’s resident Irish-Lebanese editor.

  • kentclizbe

    Who is Imad “David” Ramadan?
    Do you know?
    He may “kick butt,” but who is he kicking it for?

    • Strap on your tin-foil hats, folks. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

      Question for you – why is that website anonymous? Why is there no list of the “concerned Virginians and Americans” on the site? Besides you, Kent.

      • kentclizbe


        Thanks for your snarky reply. You’d make a great Democrat!

        Here’s an article that details a few other people concerned about Imad Afif and his influence on Virginian Republican politics.

        And here’s a couple questions for you. If you don’t know the answers, you may want to look into the issue a little more closely:

        What is Imad’s connection to the Lebanese intelligence service, the GSS? Does he meet with, report to, or otherwise have communications with the Lebanese intelligence service?

        Does Imad meet with, report to, or have any other communications with any
        foreign intelligence services?

        Does Imad meet with, report to, or have any other relationship with his
        father-in-law, the Lebanese intelligence officer?

        What is Imad’s connection to Lebanon now? Does Imad still have a Lebanese passport? Does he have any other passport besides an American one? Which passport does Imad Ramadan use to travel to the Middle East?

        When and how did Imad become an American citizen? Was his first wife a US citizen?

        What happened to the first Mrs. Ramadan? Where is she now?

        Where and when did he marry Christie Wray?

        What were the circumstances of Imad’s 1994 bankruptcy? Why would a foreign student declare bankruptcy in America? If he was going to college, what debts did he run up?

        Since he repudiated his debts in 1994, how did he finance his further
        studies in Switzerland, England, Baltimore and DC? How did he raise money for his businesses?

        Are Imad and his family aligned with the Shia terrorist group Hizballah? Or
        is Imad aligned with the Shia militia Amal?

        Does Imad receive funding from Lebanon? How much and from whom?

        Does Imad receive funding from other Middle Eastern countries? How much and from whom?

        Who are Imad’s customers in other Middle Eastern countries?

        Has Imad ever acted as a registered, or unregistered, agent of a foreign
        government? If so, which government?

        Where do Imad’s loyalties lie? In his home country, in his clients’
        countries, or in America?

        Where exactly does Imad live? How long has he lived in the
        87th district?

        Where was Imad between 1994, the year of his marriage, bankruptcy,
        and completion of graduate school, and 2001, when he re-appeared as an
        “international business” expert?

        • I make an even better Republican.

          None of your questions matter and most make little, if any, sense. You could as easily ask those questions of anybody. That you choose to do it against an elected official who happens to not be the same color as you or me is repugnant.

          Stick to harassing Michael Mann. At least that’s not racist.

          • kentclizbe


            Thanks for your note. Your ad hominem attacks, and your willfully ignoring valid questions relating to Imad’s business, source of his money, and other basic background issues really do fit in with the Politically Correct Progressive approach. As does your aggressive approach to ignoring factual questions. Guess that your Republican party ain’t mine. The Ramadan saga has made that abundantly clear to me.

            As for “harassing Mann,” that’s pretty rich. Your hero, Ken Cuccinelli has probably done more to harass Mann than I ever will. We were headed the same way, just taking different roads. Since I don’t command the legal apparatus of a state, I made use of what I could.

            And me racist? If only you knew, buddy. Again, an ignorant ad hominem. Very Democrat of you.

            But you’re still not dealing with the issue–Who is David Ramadan?

            My questions are all fully valid, and required in order to understand who he is. Each is based on issues discovered in the course of vetting his backgroung–which the Virginia Republican party apparently failed to do.

            If you’re having trouble “making sense” of the questions, let me help you. The first one: “What is Imad’s connection to the Lebanese intelligence service, the GSS? Does he meet with, report to, or otherwise have communications with the Lebanese intelligence service?” Here’s a little context. See if it doesn’t help make sense of the question.
            Imad married a Lebanese woman in Virginia in 1994, just before he declared bankruptcy as a foreign student. His 1994 wife is the daughter of a Lebanese Shia general of the Lebanese intelligence agency. Imad has never publicly admitted to either this marriage or the connection to Lebanese intelligence. Luckily there are public records that revealed the marriage, and Lebanese Americans who know the background of the wife’s father.
            So, what you have is a newly minted American citizen hiding his connection to Lebanese intelligence, and his former wife, the child of a foreign intelligence general.
            I hope that begins to “make sense” to you now. If not, let me spell it out. Someone with this background would never be able to get a US government security clearance. These sorts of connections, as well as the hidden bankruptcy, are indicators of unsuitability. That’s why it’s relevant.
            But, back to the first question: Kicking butt for whom?
            Thanks. All the best.

          • He’s kicking butt for Virginians, Kent. Read the article.

            As for ad hominem attacks, what do you think calling anyone who disagrees with you a Democrat is? What do you think calling David by a first name he doesn’t use is?

            That is clearly racist – it’s actually straight out of Rules for Radicals. And your tactic of asking a bunch if random questions in an accusatory manner is straight out if Michael Moore.

            Why are you adopting the tactics of the left to attack a conservative Republican?

            Ken was doing his job. I have no idea what you think you’re doing, besides being paranoid and non-credible.

          • kentclizbe

            I read the article, Brian. And the action is laudable, from a conservative point of view.

            Laudable actions do not make up for flawed characters and backgrounds, though.

            Imad’s first name is Imad. He can call himself anything he wants. But his name is Imad Afif Ramadan. Might want to look up “ad hominem” in your rhetoric handbook.

            I pointed out that your refusal to deal with the realities of your buddy, Imad’s lack of vetting, and your responses to questions about his background is exaclty how PC-Progressives, like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi deal with questions. That is not an ad hominem.

            Your calling me names is what ad hominem means.

            Again, are you having trouble with the questions about Imad’s background?

            Are you not even a little troubled about his failure to come clean about his connections to foreign intelligence services?

            Have you ever heard of the Nabi Fai case? He too was a champion among Republicans–gave gobs of money to Republicans all over the country. And naive Republican operatives, as well as knowing Republican operatives pretended that taking money from a foreign intelligence service was just fine.

            Here’s a link, in case you haven’t heard. He’s in prison now. Unregistered representative of a foreign power.

            Thanks very much for your professional opinion on my credibility. I’ll give that as much weight as it deserves. I’m sure that your expertise in international security matters is as deep as my expertise in maritime labor issues is.

            As for your psychological diagnosis, again, I’ll be sure to lend that as much weight as is appropriate. Just note that just because you have no idea what’s going on around you doesn’t mean that it’s not happening.

            All the best.




            PS: Actually, Rules for Radicals is based on the original KGB active measures tactics, as taught to the original PC-Progs. The basis of all PC-Prog actions, when exposed, is: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations. Might want to think about that. Because that’s exaclty what you’re doing. The issue is not me–it’s the questions about Ramadan. Instead of counter-accusations, some answers would be nice.

          • Calling me a Democrat is an ad hominem attack, Kent. I’m not a Democrat. Never have been. I don’t need to look up what it means. I’m a lawyer, and latin comes rather naturally to those of us with that kind of training. If you want to pretend it wasn’t, you’re fooling no one but yourself.

            As for David, I know him pretty well. He’s a friend of mine. We ran for office together. He won, I lost. Which means he passed the most stringent vetting out there – he convinced more of his neighbors to vote for him than his opponent did. And considering his district is one of the most Democratic held by a Republican in Virginia, he had to overcome both the paranoia of folks who see a Sharia conspiracy around everyone with a middle eastern background, regardless of their religion (he’s a Christian) or where they came from (that hotbed of Shia Islam, Lebanon, where only 27% of the population is Shia…right) and the folks on the other side of the aisle who view every Republican as pure evil. That’s a tougher vetting most people ever go through, including you.

            You are simply not credible. The things you’ve said and written in your self-published books are not credible. And the claim that only you and those of like mind are really seeing everything that’s really going on sounds exactly like my brother – a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. So while I’m a lawyer, not a psychiatrist, I can see crazy from pretty far away.

            David Ramadan is good man and I’m really tired of reading this kind of nonsense any time his name comes up, especially when it’s coming up because he’s doing his job well in Richmond.

            And don’t advertise your site on mine, either.

          • kentclizbe

            Not sure about your Latin skills, but your reading skills are a bit lacking. I did not “call you a Democrat.” Here, I’ll copy and paste exactly what I said: “Thanks for your snarky reply. You’d make a great Democrat!”

            You’d = “you would” in Latin there’s a mood called the subjunctive. In American English we indicate the subjunctive with the past participle of the modal auxilary verb “will.” That’s “would.” The subjunctive mood “is an irrealis mood (one that does not refer directly to what is necessarily real).”

            I didn’t call you a Democrat. I indicated that while you are nominally a Republican, your attitude, your debating style, and your belief systems “WOULD (subjunctive mood) make you a great Democrat.” Let me know if you have any further trouble with English grammar. I used to teach English (to foreigners!) and am a linguist. Happy to help!

            Congratulations on your aquaintance with Ramadan. You obviously don’t know anything about Lebanon, Lebanese Shia, or the culture, history, politics or intentions of his homeland. Nor are you much of a judge of character. That’s actually my professional specialty–assessing foreigners and their motivations. And I’m quite good at it.

            Ramadan has been very careful to avoid publicly professing Christianity. He does, however, profess his Muslim faith privately–as he did to me–and publicly. He told me that he is Shia. Which is fine by me. But that leaves many, many questions unanswered about him, his source of funds, and his foreign connections.

            You believe that my statements and writing are not credible? Well, let’s debate those statements and writings. Any time, anywhere. And bring Imad with you. I’d be happy to discuss any of my writings–especially those dealing with Ramadan.

            Again, I’ll give your psychological opinions all the weight that they deserve. Sorry to hear about your brother. Hope your family can find help for him.

            You’ll still casting aspersions, calling names, and making accusations without dealing with the issues. If you’re really tired of “this kind of nonsense,” just ask Ramadan to come clean. The questions have nothing to do with his job in Richmond. They are all to do with:

            Who is David Ramadan?

            Where does he get the money that he so generously spreads around the Republican Party?
            The questions are simple. They are clear. They are based on a careful analysis of Ramadan’s background. Since you’re his friend, maybe you can get some answers? Good luck!

            All the best.

            Kent Clizbe

          • I don’t need to debate you on this, just like I don’t need to debate holocaust deniers, birthers, truthers, or any of the other myriad crackpots who throw some words on the internet and claim to be “experts.”

            If you’re upset by the fact that I’m casting aspersions, then you’re in the wrong business. This is politics. Grow a thicker skin and quit whining.

            As for who is David Ramadan, that answer is clear: a pretty good Republican legislator.

            And I think that’s enough wallowing in the pig sty for me tonight. Toodles.

          • kentclizbe

            My dear young Brian,

            When you’ve matured enough to get over your constant name-calling, I’d be happy to discuss issues regarding national security with you. Including the questions regarding Ramadan’s background.

            In the meantime, you really should re-consider the whole “conservative” charade. Your puerile insults and name-calling would (that’s subjunctive mood!) fit right in at an Occupy Wall Street rally.
            And, son, I’d be happy to listen to your advice on whining when you’ve had a little more seasoning. By the way, I’m not a politician. I’m a citizen. And every interaction with politicians, like you and Ramadan, makes it clearer and clearer why I stay clear of y’all. If you’re a Republican, then, by God, I’m not!

            All the best.


            PS: Say hey to your boss–Rich Trumka–at the next AFL-CIO meeting.

          • MD Russ

            I have been reading this thread with a mixture of curiosity and amusement. Despite your claims to the contrary, you obviously know little or nothing about national security. Further, you are indulging in the long-discredited practice of “damning-by-association.” In this case, it is particularly distasteful because the association that you are drawing upon appears to be racial. Shame on you.

            As for Del. Ramadan, all I can say is that the very idea that a foreign agent would seek and hold public office is ludicrous. Covert operations and their operatives seek cover, not publicity. And I say that as someone who held codeword clearances in the DOD.

            BTW, in regards to your reference to Brian’s job, you also know little or nothing about the AFL-CIO. International labor unions do not work for or report to Richard Trumka, any more than Congressmen work for or report to the Speaker. The AFL-CIO president and his staff are a coordinating body that rely on cooperation and good will among and between the member unions. And the member unions on a regular basis tell the AFL-CIO to get lost. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the current status of the Teamsters and the Carpenters. I’ll bet that you don’t even know what their membership status is, do you?

            You are either a person with a very malicious design on Del. Ramadan for reasons known only to you or you are a complete fool who needs professional help.

          • Nagi N. Najjar

            To all the Brians & Russ of the political industry,,,,, it does not matter if it is Democrat, Republican, Leftist, Rightist, Budhist, Christian, Shiite, Jew, Sunni, Salafist , the terminology is not important,,,Russ, you look to me as an expert on national security,,,even worse if you are really one of these,,,,, no wonder this country had so many setbacks in the Middle East with well articulated experts like you,,,,,,,, Dearest “Imad”, straight from “Dayhia”,,,oops,,, the Southern suburbs of Beirut,,, ( which has been Hezbollah & Iran’s IRGC command & control center for 20 years in Lebanon) to VA politics,,,,Does it ring the bell somewhere in your drained system?,,, i wonder how many corrupts needs to be vetted and filtered in the naive political establishment in the US,,, blindness is a lack of vision & perception , 12 CIA operatives were nabbed in Dahiya, Lebanon last year by Hezbollah and since never heard from, rumors they were flown to Iran to be investigated & damage further US security in Lebanon, and politically speaking , everything else shines & rock in VA,,,,I don’t know what people like you do to stay sharp and train your well spoken brain to be duped by the Ramadan’s of the world,,,,It is going to take you a million year to understand how Hezbollah operates in the United States,,,,,it is within Lebanon’s consulates, within the Lebanon’s banks, the various US based car dealers, within the US – Lebanon’s political unions, it even infiltrated Lebanon’s churches in the United States recruiting priests & clergy , directly & through the partisans of Gen. Michel Aoun in order to control the Lebanon diaspora and influence further the US political decision making by injecting money & buying sympathy in the US political system,,,,,Not to forget the cartels in Mexico,,,,,The malicious design and the professional help is for you Russ & your alike in both, the Republican & Democrat affiliations in America,,,,Keep it up,,,,,,,,,,,,

          • Suzy Q

            I knew a great oncologist in Syracuse. Above reproach! Kicking butt! Well, except that he was funneling $$$ to support Hezbollah back in the old country… He was ‘doing his job’ too.

          • This is unfortunate and all too common, sadly. A Republican short on facts retreats to the familiar and easy refuge of idiots: the ad hominem
            attack. We expect this from leftist trolls who scour the internet for
            $5/hr from one of George Soros’s “philanthropies” or perhaps “Organizing for America,” but from an official representative of the Party! This is a big reason we are losing so badly. Brian, Kent has forgotten more about the Middle East and people like Ramadan than you will ever know. If you don’t have the intellectual integrity to evaluate his claims, then maybe you should just be quiet. Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

          • No, the reason we are losing so badly is because of conspiracy theory minded paranoiacs who attack good Republicans for whatever reason.

            Take your own advice, Jim.

          • Suzy Q

            I think those questions should indeed be asked of EVERYONE! Any US lawmaker should be able to (honestly) categorically deny any connections to foreign enemies!

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