Del. Albo proposes array of tax hikes for transportation

Just in case the Governor’s proposal on transportation funding wasn’t enough for you to consider, Del. Dave Albo has put forward a few ideas of his own. They include lots of tax increases:

5 percent tax on wholesale gasoline: $733 million

New taxes on out-of-state corporations: $250 million

Online sales tax: $255 million

Eliminate sales tax exemption for nonprofits: $79 million

Increased taxes in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads (hotel tax, vehicle registration, restaurant tax, sales tax): $550 million for those areas

What, no abusive driving fees? Mr. Albo must be going soft.

Of his plan, Albo says:

“The governor has done something that’s very valuable. He has put a ball on a tee, and he pulled out a 5-iron to try to solve the problem,” Albo said. “We want to play the same ball, we just want a different club. We want a 3-wood.”

Mixing club metaphors with taxes really isn’t a wise thing to do. Especially when you’re asking for more club.

But to extend the Delegate’s phrasing just a bit, his proposal will probably snap-hook. Right into the lake.

And while we’re on the topic of golf shots gone awry, here’s your moment of Caddyshack goodness: