VaPilot: Is Bolling Recruiting An Independent Ticket?

The Virginia Pilot’s Julian Walker has the scoop:

Bolling professed to be in the dark about the purported signature-collection effort.

“That’s the first I knew about it,” he said Monday. “To the best of my knowledge, it’s not something that we knew about.”

He was less direct Wednesday when approached about rumors of ongoing recruitment efforts to form an independent ticket with Bolling as the focal point.

“I have no comment about that,” Bolling said when the subject was broached by a reporter.

State Senator Steve Martin did not file the $10K fee for the RPV convention this May.

Both Bolling and Martin have retained longtime GOP consultant Boyd Marcus — the links grow more and more curious every day.

So who would be the AG candidate to fill this out?  Frey?  Foster?  Speculate in the comment section, folks… this is getting very serious, very quickly.