RTD: Schaprio Is Right — MAN UP!

You know fellas, if you oppose TTB’s nomination, then vote on it. Don’t just walk out — man up and VOTE.

In the House of Delegates, Scott Lingamfelter of Prince William and Rob Bell of Albemarle — candidates, respectively, for the lieutenant governor and attorney general nominations — voted against Thorne-Begland, along with 26 other Republicans.

In the Virginia Senate, LG prospect Steve Martin of Chesterfield and Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg, who’s running for AG, voted with their feet. They were among 12 Republicans, more than half the party’s Senate caucus, who walked out of the chamber — closeting themselves, so to speak — rather than openly oppose Thorne-Begland.

In the Republican Party, such conduct apparently qualifies as manning-up.

Jeff Schapiro is dead right on this.

Kudos to Scott Lingamfelter and Rob Bell for doing the right thing.

  • Yes, you are right, and Schapiro was correct as well when he said….”Virginia Republicans juggled, shuffled, and bungled their way through three issues that are aligning to further damage the party’s brank: gays, guns, and the state’s changing demographics.
    Add in the debacle in regard to again prohibiting common sense absentee voting and you see the remnants of a party stuck not in the last century but the one before. Do Republicans realize we conduct most of our personal and business affairs on line? Is it too much to ask that we allowed to vote absentee as well? Are Republicans as brain dead on this issue as they are on Transportation infrastructure?

    • Sorry, but there are certain things you shouldn’t be able to do by mail without a legitimate reason. Voting is one of them.

      • pinecone321

        I remember, in the last election cycle, receiving an absentee ballot in the mail, with a return address to a PO Box number. Remember it was found that someone was sending those pre-filled in ballots illegally?

        I would actually go further than you Brian. Other than the Absentee Military Ballots, which must be brought back into the state, and not given to a foreign country to provide, all voting should take place on the same day. We can at least limit the amount of voter fraud that is increasing with each election cycle. The SEIU doesn’t have enough busses or volunteers to cover the country all in one day.

    • MD Russ


      The District of Columbia tried to implement on-line voting in time for the 2010 cycle. After their contractor built the web site, they began a period of trial voting to test it. A Michigan University computer science professor read about the site and assigned a few of his students to hack the site. The next time the DC election authorities attempted cast a test ballot, when they hit the “Submit” button on the site a Java script activated an embedded MP3 file that played the Michigan fight song. They also discovered that most of the previously cast test ballots had been changed to vote for a write-in candidate, HAL-9000 from the movie “2001.”

      Renewing your driver’s license on-line is one thing. Conducting elections on-line is quite another thing. As in any risk assessment, you have to compare the potential consequences with the costs and savings.

      • Mike Barrett

        Actually MD Russ, I was not talking about on line voting. I was simply advocating the position of Delegate Villanueva who would allow no excuse absentee voting; that is, authorized registered voters could request an absentee ballot and mail it in the the registrar as many are authorized to do today. A simple step to help curtail congestion at voting places. Simply absurd for this to be blocked by republicans.

  • pinecone321

    This is reminiscent of some of the R’s in the House when Boehner’s re-election as Speaker was up for a vote. Some literally hid in a closet at first, some others just didn’t vote at all. I guess some think it’s the new cool thing to just walk away and take no firm position on something seen as controversial, which currently includes most every issue. Shapiro closed his article correctly in saying that there may be friends to be made, and votes to be had. There you have it. Those that stand for nothing fall for anything, and they wind up losing with everyone. Rob Bell and Scott Lingumfelter (sp) earn extra points for “manning up.”

  • It’s a tradition in the legislature that instead of voting against someone, you simply don’t vote. Don’t read too much into anything here.

    I’m glad TTB got confirmed.

  • Mike Barrett

    Never mind. Clearly, the caste of characters on this forum do not intend to be agents of change, even if that change is so minor as to allow documented registered voters to apply for a ballot and to vote absentee without having to provide an excuse for doing so.

    • We don’t believe there is a valid need for this, Mike. Sorry. There are better ways to reduce long lines at the polls.

      • Mike Barrett

        Yes Brian, we know. Republicans will continue to do everything and anything they can to reduce voting by citizens they would prefer to stay home. If that means ensuring five hour waits at the polling place, so be it. Frankly I have strong doubts defeat of this measure will increase the number of voters who would vote republican; quite the opposite.

        • Mike,
          Very jaded, inaccurate, and, frankly, insulting comment.

          I want more voting – more voices heard – but I want those voters to know the issues, think about things rationally, and not be influenced by free telephones or intimidation by outside interest groups.

          I also want a statistical analysis to be done that shows how voting can be done more efficiently and securely. Not to mention an analysis as to how we can reduce wait times before throwing more money randomly at the issue.

          I think we make proposals without actually looking at solving the problem too much.

  • While I do not agree with the votes of Dels. Lingamfelter and Bell, at least they had the integrity to cast those votes. I had high hopes for Sen. Obenshain, but I cannot get excited about a candidate who behaves in such a craven manner. It is looking more and more like I will have no reason to vote this year.

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