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Only on Bearing Drift – you saw how Democrat Terry McAuliffe took a swing at Ken Cuccinelli over the AG’s remarks that Catholics and other people of faith should be prepared to go to jail in defense of their beliefs, and in opposition to Obamacare.

What you didn’t see anywhere else – except on Bearing Drift – is why McAuliffe’s real problem isn’t with Cuccinelli, but with freedom of conscience.

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  • Contributions can be sent to Sine in Richmond, which is where it will be spent anyway.

    • Absolutely! It’s good for us to get together periodically, compare notes, and plan how to make this a better website. I also hear that lobbyists go there with their clients.

    • Given you are no longer a contributor, I can say with certainty where it won’t be spent.

  • pinecone321

    See Shaun, this is where I had a problem with the Big Line post earlier today. Cooch was downgraded, for one of the reasons posted was because of his positions on advising the Catholics to go to jail to fight the Obamacare mandates that are against religious freedom. Now here I’m reading a post by the BD staff upholding Cooch’s religious freedom statements, and saying that Terry McAuliffe supports a conscience free position. That’s why I get very confused many times here on this site, and just exactly what it is that some here stand for. I have no question with your positions Shaun, none at all. I just wonder sometimes where the unhearded cats are coming from.

    • He wasn’t downgraded because of the policy behind the statements – we agree with it. He was downgraded because he took a lot of negative press for it, and the Democrats pounced on it immediately and started using it to fundraise against him. That was an objective view, and it had nothing to do with the policy.

  • Brown Burton

    I’m in, but if Alton quits I want my money back!

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