Salahi to run as “independent Republican”

Virginia vintner and noted party crasher Tareq Salahi has decided he is not going to challenge AG Ken Cuccinelli for the GOP gubernatorial nod at the party’s convention in May. Instead, he will go the full Russ Potts and run as an independent Republican. His motivation (aside from the fact he can’t win):

“Pandering to extremist agendas is alienating voters from both parties,” Salahi said in a statement. “I want to rise above the fray of the career politicians and their partisan agendas and give the people of Virginia a strong voice again.”

He will steal all of Bill Bolling’s thunder with lines like those.

Or perhaps Salahi’s motivation is just a plot twist in his bid to get back on the reality television show circuit.

  • It’s hard to call him anything that includes “Republican” in the title when he’s given almost $30k to Democrats, including $18k to Brian Moran over the last fifteen years.

  • Frankly, who cares?
    But fascinating today that republicans appear ready to destroy our economic recovery when the debt level they helped incur must be raised. Would you not think it important for your publication of pay a modicum of attention to the potential devastation this will cause?
    So, why did any of us work so hard and for so many years to recovery from the irrational policies of the Bush Administration to find ourselves once again facing fiscal ruin because republicans won’t admit that extreme enforced austerity is disastrous fiscal policy.
    This is getting personal. Blind acceptance to idelolgy that his demonstrably false and dangerous that will cause international collapse is no laughing matter. It may get Cantor more views on TV, but that should simply hasten his demise.

  • MD Russ

    Calling Tareq Salahi a vintner is like calling a two-year old with a crayon an artist. He sucked all the money out of Oasis to support his phony lifestyle, fired the workers, and auctioned off all the production equipment after he failed to find a buyer for the entire business. The vineyards have gone to seed and are overgrown with weeds. This clown has done for the Virginia wine industry what Bonnie and Clyde did for community banking.

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