Cuccinelli: Catholic Bishops May Have To “Go To Jail” To Protect Religious Liberty

“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.” — Cardinal Francis George

So apparently, Democrats are making a great deal of hay over what those in the religious community — especially the Catholic bishops — have been discussing for some time now:

Cuccinelli called the Affordable Care Act requirement an attack on the Roman Catholic Church and religious freedom. He suggested forcing authorities to crack down on those who don’t comply.

The Catholic Cuccinelli said he had spoken to a bishop who suggested he’d go to jail to protest it. Cuccinelli said he told the bishop, “don’t take this personally — you need to go to jail.”

Now apparently Democrats have missed the last two years of protests from the Catholic Church about the HHS Mandate in Obamacare.   Fair enough.

Perhaps they too cannot fathom as to why Catholics and their bishops would even consider civil disobedience to the point of being willing to go to jail for lack of compliance with government directives.

It all goes back to this guy:

St. Thomas More and the rights of conscience.

News flash to Democrats: the Catholic Church wasn’t built by those who thought it was a social club.  The Catholic Church was built by martyrs.

Now it probably shocks some Democratic observers — well, let’s be honest… they’re not shocked, just trying to provoke outrage — that Catholic bishops are openly discussing this.  That Christian businesses will refuse to violate their religious liberties and rights of conscience to conform to an unjust law.  That maybe our faith is more important than our government.

Of course, in an effort to go after Cuccinelli, this will probably backfire in more ways than one.

First, I genuinely believe that most liberal observers will be surprised to learn there are indeed people with differing opinions from their own.  Second, that they are willing to stand by those opinions.  Third, that when those opinions approach the level of conscience, certain people will not bend.  And lastly, that there’s a lot more folks out there sympathetic to the position of the Catholic Church and the larger body of believers as a whole.

Frankly, I’m surprised Democratic political hacks think this is a scandal Cuccinelli (and by extension, the Catholic bishops) will simply slink away from the glaring light of media attention.

Not on conscience, folks.

Think twice.

  • Susan G

    How do we keep Sideshow Bob and his looney toon brethren at bay? A grand bargain in the Virginia Senate. Ooooh…

    • Susan, your keyboard is stuck. This is the third time I’ve found the same ridiculous question from you. Maybe if you asked a serious question one of us here on Bearing Drift can give you a serious answer. We do try to help our readers understand.

      • Susan G

        I don’t understand why Bearing Drift does not keep up with the goings-on in the General Assembly. Just because it’s embarrassing to your side, does not mean you shouldn’t let your readers know what is going on.

        • I think we do a very good job of reporting. Do you have something specific in mind? I think we all know how you feel about Mr. Marshall and if you actually look for it you can see that he is not being ignored here.

          Again. Do you have anything specific you would like to read about?

          • Alton,
            You don’t owe her an explanation. If she doesn’t like what we post, she can go elsewhere.

            However, knowing her past comments, she’s most interested in “women’s reproductive health.” So, I’m certain she’s referring to something the Huffington Post did a decent job reporting on already, and that is a rumored proposal from Leader Norment to Leader Saslaw that one GOP Senator would always vote with the Democrats on abortion-related bills in exchange for Dems not making every press release about a “war on women.”

            Norment called the so-called proposal “balderdash.”

            Why haven’t we posted on it? Many reasons, not the least is I think most of us have been busy or working on other things.

            We’re still all hobbyists. If Susan G. is willing to pay me $60k to do this full time, perhaps I would have already written on it and done the due diligence required to get the story before HuffPo.

          • Susan G

            I thought for a moment you said, “we’re all lobbyists.” I do believe the Bearing Boy, Brian S. could pay you that 60K salary because,if I’m not mistaken, he is a lobbyist at the federal level, or is he a “gov-mint” employee. I forget. I just remember a whopping tax bill that he pays. Ask him. As to my repeated posting on the Grand Bargain, I’d just like some rightwing views as to the merits of the proposal.

          • I wish I had the money to hire JR as my personal author. Unfortunately, Obama just raised our taxes, so I don’t.

            Making a bargain of that kind is pointless, because the Democrats and their surrogates would never agree to it. Their most potent weapon is trying to paint us as extreme. They care less about actually protecting women’s health than they do using it as a political weapon.

          • Susan G

            Democrats don’t paint you as extreme. You are extreme, and you know it, and you wear the banner proudly. It’s just losing you elections now, and you’re looking for some way to convince the voters that they don’t know what they know, but they know now, and, you know, you’re going to find if difficult from now on winning elections with that extreme banner you flout. You know….

          • I love it when the most moderate guy on the site gets labeled extreme.

          • Hey Susan G, how about you watch an abortion being performed and then come back and talk about “womens health”. It is not about health, its about life. If only you could hold the struggling human life that I held in my hands after a botched at home abortion was performed, maybe you would not be so rash.

          • Susan G

            Wow, James, and you’re still pro-birth after experiencing something like that? It must have been horrible for the woman involved that she would resort to an at home abortion. . It’s shame a safe abortion wasn’t available for her. Did she survive?

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