Steve Forbes on Jack Lew

Steve Forbes
Two-time GOP presidential candidate and Forbes Media chairman Steve Forbes spoke today at the Heritage Foundation about his most recent book, Freedom Manifesto: Why Free Markets Are Moral and Big Government Isn’t (coauthored with Elizabeth Ames, who was present but did not participate in the discussion).

After the speech, while he was autographing copies of his book for fans (“Keep the faith!,” he wrote in mine), I had an opportunity to ask Forbes what he thought about President Obama’s choice to nominate White House chief of staff Jack Lew to replace Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.

“I’m not surprised,” Forbes told me, “because he’s very much of an Obamaite. I didn’t think [the President would] appoint somebody who actually had an independent background.”

For a full report about Steve Forbes’ speech at Heritage, look here.

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