FLS: Stafford BOS Chair Stimpson Steps Down From VRE Board

In other various and sundry news:

Stafford County Supervisor Susan Stimpson told the board at Tuesday’s meeting that she was giving up her spot on the Virginia Railway Express Operations Board, according to my colleague Katie Thisdell.

She will serve instead as an alternate, with Bob Thomas, the BOS vice chairman, replacing Stimpson as Stafford’s primary VRE representative alongside Supervisor Paul Milde.

Stimpson campaign staff indicates this is a move a long time coming, and as Stimpson had no plans to run for a second term this move provides some long-term continuity to an important board.

  • Surely there is a way to portray this as dastardly and underhanded – didn’t Hillary Clinton resign from something once? (Just being helpful to those folks who seem to have a burning need to portray Stimpson in a poor light.)

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