Examiner.com: Susan Stimpson Admires Hillary Clinton

Fascinating, if anything because it’s one of those rare moments in a candidate’s expression that you really do see professional courtesy rise above political hackery:

In terms of contemporary figures, Stimpson added that she “probably disagree[s] with almost everything that Hillary Clinton espouses but I do admire the way that she has handled herself as Secretary of State.”

Clinton, she explained, “has handled it with dignity and has worked very, very tirelessly. I don’t agree with her overall policies but I do admire the way that she has worked very hard and reinvented herself.”

She mused that “maybe it’s just a maturity that [Clinton] settled into, but [even though] I disagree with her policies, I admire the way she has conducted herself.”

And yet…

Stimpson also bemoans the lack of civility in modern political discourse… which is fascinating in its own right, considering the truly vile and errant bombs that have been thrown by her surrogates as of late, not to mention the backdrop of Virginia Tea Party infighting over the 2nd Amendment.

Behind the scenes, while the candidate is attempting to project one image of herself, her supporters have engaged on a rather nasty two-week run of attacks on virtually every single LG campaign out there — thus trending back to their old Libertarian Party roots of purity uber alles rather than understanding the basic operations of a convention.

Angering every campaign out there?  Not a winning strategy… so I detect a small jab — perhaps not at the other campaigns — but at her own base.

Slick move, and admirable I have to say.

Of course, if I have to hear about how one more item of gossip-mongering from supporters of a specific campaign about how a candidate was “George Allen’s Splitter” (sic), or how such-and-such takes Howell’s money, or how X consultant supports Y candidate, or how another local BOS chair is a racist, or how another candidate is just attempting to buy the election — all stemming from the supporters of one campaign…

…well, just expect to see a well-cataloged post here on Bearing Drift enforcing some of that “civility” — eh?

UPDATE:  …and already, some of the more politically obscure Stimpson supporters have come out to play.   You couldn’t pay some guys enough money to actively poison their chosen candidate, could ya?