Examiner.com: Susan Stimpson Admires Hillary Clinton

Fascinating, if anything because it’s one of those rare moments in a candidate’s expression that you really do see professional courtesy rise above political hackery:

In terms of contemporary figures, Stimpson added that she “probably disagree[s] with almost everything that Hillary Clinton espouses but I do admire the way that she has handled herself as Secretary of State.”

Clinton, she explained, “has handled it with dignity and has worked very, very tirelessly. I don’t agree with her overall policies but I do admire the way that she has worked very hard and reinvented herself.”

She mused that “maybe it’s just a maturity that [Clinton] settled into, but [even though] I disagree with her policies, I admire the way she has conducted herself.”

And yet…

Stimpson also bemoans the lack of civility in modern political discourse… which is fascinating in its own right, considering the truly vile and errant bombs that have been thrown by her surrogates as of late, not to mention the backdrop of Virginia Tea Party infighting over the 2nd Amendment.

Behind the scenes, while the candidate is attempting to project one image of herself, her supporters have engaged on a rather nasty two-week run of attacks on virtually every single LG campaign out there — thus trending back to their old Libertarian Party roots of purity uber alles rather than understanding the basic operations of a convention.

Angering every campaign out there?  Not a winning strategy… so I detect a small jab — perhaps not at the other campaigns — but at her own base.

Slick move, and admirable I have to say.

Of course, if I have to hear about how one more item of gossip-mongering from supporters of a specific campaign about how a candidate was “George Allen’s Splitter” (sic), or how such-and-such takes Howell’s money, or how X consultant supports Y candidate, or how another local BOS chair is a racist, or how another candidate is just attempting to buy the election — all stemming from the supporters of one campaign…

…well, just expect to see a well-cataloged post here on Bearing Drift enforcing some of that “civility” — eh?

UPDATE:  …and already, some of the more politically obscure Stimpson supporters have come out to play.   You couldn’t pay some guys enough money to actively poison their chosen candidate, could ya?

  • Wow! Stimpson admires how Hillary Clinton has handled herself in the State Department? That is a laughable statement at best. Maybe she admires how Mrs. Clinton has dodged answering for the Libya massacre?

    • Agree with Hillary or disagree, she is a powerhouse. If appearances matter, despite disagreements with her on principles, she has projected well in the eyes of many and remains popular to the left and middle.. Style points matter. As for leadership and the Libya massacre, no disagreement with you there Patty..

      • Hillary has ridden Mr. Clinton’s coattails the entire way to the State Department. I respectfully disagree that the powerhouse you see is a creation by Mr. Clinton, not of Mrs. Clinton’s doing as a result of her own talents.
        Regarding more of Stimpson’s admiration of Mrs. Clinton, she admires how Mrs. Clinton has remade herself. Maybe Stimpson is looking to remake herself or forget things from the past too? Stimpson couldn’t find any other female leader to admire? Intersting.

        • Bob McDonnell ran what has to be the best campaign I had seen up to 2009. He found common ground in the middle with more than enough crossover to win by a landslide. On more than a few occasions he took a moment to share his appreciation for accomplished individuals across the aisle in his own way and that broke down some of the barriers any candidate will face. Was that not a wise move for Bob?

          • EricMcGrane

            Its looking like the establishment hacks are already well underway with doing and saying anything to undermine conservative candidates.

            OMG WHAT A CONTROVERSY!!! I’m not sure if this is more laughable or pathetic.

        • I thought it was fairly clear from context that the Mr. Sincere asked both Snyder and Stimpson specifically for a Democratic politician they admired.

          • Despite philosophical differences, some dems are noteworthy for demonstrating admirable political skills. Like Obama NOT but I admire his political instincts and his capacity to out organize our party. I find it difficult to find fault with any candidate who answered Ricks questions directly. +1 to both for not dodging the question and not keeping us guessing what they really think.

          • EricMcGrane

            The point is to construct anything at all to malign Stimpson. The narrative is developing. Cross Stimpson off the BD endorsement list.

            Which is a ringing endorsement.

          • amen

          • It was a controversial comment. We thought it was relevant to discuss. There is nothing more to it than that. Sometimes a post is just a post, Eric.

        • Wow..a comment from Bearing Drift’s President of Talent Relations!

          • Not as much fun as her comments on BD from last year, though.

          • Only something as obnoxious as you would enjoy someone’s personal misery and continually remind them of it.

          • Hey, Mr. Relevant. How about you stick to the subject? This was a thread about the choice of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat Stimpson most admired. There are any number of choices, but she chose the one most likely to generate controversy. It was not a savvy political move. That’s all this discussion is really about. Stimpson created the controversy. We posted on it. No big deal. Move on to the next subject.

            That being said, keep burning bridges, I’m sure it will do wonders for you and your future.

          • hey Brian, why don’t you write a BD blog article about it? oh wait…

          • Wouldn’t want to make someone’s wifey cry….

          • you’re married?

    • EricMcGrane

      Patty: perhaps you need to read the piece again. Then maybe again and again.

      Stimpson said she disagrees with the policies and everything she espouses….oh wait, did you even read the piece? lol so sad.

      • That’s weak, Eric. Stimpson most admires someone she disagrees with completely? She could have said, “There’s no Democrat I admire because their policies are destructive to American society,” or “Joe Lieberman was very strong against the war on terror and the defense of our nation following 9-11.” or a myriad of other less controversial Democrats. She could have even said, “As much as I find Senator Saslaw’s policies contrary to mine, I believe I can work with him on behalf of the Virginia people when I’m lieutenant governor.” But Hillary Clinton? And you, of all people, are giving her a pass?

  • EricMcGrane

    Dearest Shaun: Its amazing to watch you parley a piece about Stimpson/Clinton into commentary about Roanoke Tea Party complaining about the Federation, which has nothing to do with anything you posted.

    Seems that you will do ANYTHING at all, say anything at all, to construct a way to get those shots in. Its really something to behold. Well done dude.

  • Dare I suggest conclusions were reached first, and the conjectural hearsay evidence presented reflects that?

    • EricMcGrane


    • nah — Stimpson admires Hillary; certain Stimpson supporters are an embarrassment to their candidate… Eric knows he’s not precisely loved. Just tolerated.

      • EricMcGrane

        That’s another dollar of rent.

  • It says volumes when Shaun could not find anything negative to say about Susan’s record or stance on the issues, so he dedicates nearly an entire blog post towards her supporters, as if they are an entity all unto themselves and not a collection of fully independently thinking individuals.

    I would suggest Shaun take a moment to find something serious to comment on instead of looking under the couch for loose change. He speaks about “gossip-mongering”, but that’s exactly what this whole blog post is about.

    Is this supposed to be journalism?

    • …and as if on cue, you guys come along and prove the point! great job! *thumbs up!*

      • “you guys”. I’m honored you consider me more than one person, LOL!
        Look Shaun, you shouldn’t be so bitter just because I called you out in front of all your friends. Relax, it’s only Bearing Drift… or does your whole life revolve around school yard antics?

        This thread is getting boring…

    • Regardless of whether it’s fair, candidates are often judged by how their surrogates act. As for her record, it’s thin. As for her stances on the issues, nobody knows them. This race has barely started and you’d be hard pressed to find anybody who knows all 4,000 candidates well, beyond names and faces at this point. Shaun’s point is valid – if you’ve got supporters out there who are throwing elbows while you’re complaining about the lack of political civility, you look like a hypocrite.

      • “thin” is interesting choice of words. One might say “short” as she has not spent a lifetime in the general assembly, but considering she lead the charge in Stafford County to decrease her own pay year one, decrease the budget 3 years in a row and decrease taxes 2 years in a row, I don’t see how “thin” would be the right word. Perhaps you could elaborate?

        • Sure. When I said “thin” I meant “thin.” She has not even completed one full term as a Supervisor. She was elected Chair, but as with many counties (not Fairfax, however) the Chair is elected by the other supervisors, not by a county-wide vote. The board is 6-1 Republican, and the 1 is an Independent, not a Democrat. I’ve read what the Board has done to reduce the size of government in Stafford (is that really even necessary?) and I give her credit for being a part of that, but she was leading a group of Republicans with little opposition, not fighting against Democrats in order to have her agenda enacted. As LG, she won’t have that luxury. Most of the other candidates, with the exceptions of the two who have never held elective office, have spent many years in the legislature and have had to work with folks on both sides of the aisle to get things done. She’s never had to do that. That doesn’t mean she can’t, obviously, but there’s no track record there. I just don’t see running on her record being that potent a selling point because it’s, well, thin.

  • Colin B.

    Susan Stimpson is the Mitt Romney of the LG race. She claims to never have voted to raise taxes, but approved to charge Stafford residents for county services (like Freedom of Information requests) copies of finance reports, statement histories, etc.

    Again, like Mr. Romney, Stimpson claims to not be a career politician when she is literally Bill Howell’s neighbor and political apprentice. I find it interesting that nobody is covering the fact that Kevin McNulty, who managed Stimpson’s 2009 campaign for Supervisor (and was an in-kind contribution from Bill Howell according VPAP) is now assisting Corey Stewart’s campaign.

    Her paranoia and political aspirations are never ending. Susan Stimpson is all hat and no cattle.

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