How The 2nd and 14th Amendments Are Misused

Things sure have gotten complicated in the last few years. And by that I mean decades.

Everything from tax rates to the 2nd amendment has been turned upside down. All in the quest for liberal votes. Liberals don’t know a modern “Assault Rifle” from its 18th century counterpart, the musket. And make no mistake, that was an 18th century “assault weapon”.

We have always, from the days of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, been guaranteed parity of arms with the military.

I could pull out a bunch of Jefferson and Madison quotes to support that, but why would I? Do your own research.

Modern hunting rifles and “assault weapons” operate exactly the same.

Not only “modern” hunting rifles. Your grandfather’s hunting rifle used exactly the same mechanics. But you wouldn’t know that if you listen to liberal “news” casts.

One pull of the trigger results in one bullet spent. Not the “spray” they insist on describing.

Since the 1930s and the days of Al Capone, sales of fully automatic weapons like that have been outlawed, except to bona fide collectors. Even then they must jump through many hoops, and pay big bucks, to legally acquire such weapons. For that reason alone they are unlikely to be used in a crime.

Unless, of course, they have been stolen. The last time I checked, that was a crime. More laws will fix that? How?

Thanks to the efforts of a New York newspaper, and a Roanoke, VA newspaper with an idiot editor named Christian Trejbal who insisted on telling criminals where they are likely to be found, that crime has been made much easier to pull off.

Just because you have information is no reason to share information of a personal nature. Do your real job and educate your readers. (“Reader Education” is an area where the Roanoke Times fails miserably.)

Now, let’s get to that tax issue I promised.

Adding taxes to an already overtaxed segment of society is wrong.

The same 14th amendment that you leftists use to support everything from abortion to illegal immigration to affirmative action college admission and hiring, surely must also apply to taxation.

Why do we separate people based on a single issue? If your other 14th amendment arguments can stand, it must apply here as well. If we are all equal, we should all be taxed at the same rate.

Just a few of my thoughts on a cold winter night.

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