Tim Kaine set to take the oath of office

Former Gov. Tim Kaine is about to become Senator Tim Kaine as the 113th Congress is sworn in.

Earlier today, Kaine released this message to Virginia voters:

Kaine thanked his supporters, but also recognized the challenges that remain unsolved for our nation from a 112th Congress that failed to take action he said. He also quoted Lincoln by pointing out that while passions might sometimes cause relations between those with different political persuasions to become strained, we should all remain friends. He concluded by saying that it is his hope to serve in a way that will make all Virginians “proud”.

  • NormLeahy

    And to his credit, Kaine also released a Spanish version of this spot:

  • Give a big round of applause to everyone who foisted that stinker Allen into the GOP nomination and let the Democrats win a seat they should never have been within a lightyear of.

    • There was no one in the field who could have beaten Kaine.

      • We’ll never know, because Allen’s huge ego and his craven lust for power was in the way. One thing I will agree on, no one in the field could have beaten Kaine while running a “generic Republican with no ideas or principles worth taking a stand on” campaign.

        Though for myself, I think Bob Marshall had a reasonable shot at beating Kaine, because he’s more than a simple generic say-what-the-rubes-want-to-hear McCandidate.

      • EricMcGrane

        lol…..”we had no choice” but to re-run Allen…..

        I wish you had said earlier that no one could beat Kaine….it would have saved donors a ton of cash and volunteers a ton of man-hours.

        • The only one of the field who had the potential to beat Kaine was George Allen. But given the outcome and Obama’s vote totals, it was clear no one was going to beat Kaine this year. This is the kind of thing we can only know through hindsight.

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