Terror Threat in Giles County?

Giles County schools were scheduled to re-open on Wednesday following the Christmas break. But a tip from the Virginia State Police to the school system caused School Superintendent Terry Arbogast to postpone reopening until Thursday.

Giles County Sheriff Morgan Millirons said in a news conference that local law enforcement had been informed by Virginia State Police that a website article pointed out that “Sandy Hook” was referenced in a map from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. The premier of the Batman movie was the scene for the July shooting in Aurora, Colorado that killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others.

The website, www.revelationnow.net said that the next reference in the film was for “Narrows.” Narrows is a small town located in western Giles County. RevelationNow writer and editor Michael Erevna said that he Googled “Narrows” and came up with the Virginia schools. The article headline was “The Next School Massacre Target?”

In a statement, Arbogast said, “Again, please realize that there were no specific threats made against any of our schools in Giles County. However, based on this information, we are working with our local law enforcement officials to continue to ensure the safety of our students and our staff members.”

Each Giles County school already has a resource officer, but Sheriff Millirons said that additional law enforcement would be dispatched to patrol the schools.

The website later noted that Narrows could also refer to a location in New York City.

Some Giles County parents are understandably hesitant to send their children back to school. A petition was started at www.change.org and shared on Facebook called for school officials to hold an emergency meeting with parents to provide additional information regarding school security.

With the events in Connecticut last month, schools around the country obviously remain sensitive to these issues. But in a small town such as Narrows, potential threats such as these perhaps carry a deeper meaning.

Jarrett Lee Lane, a victim in the April 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech, was a 2003 graduate of Narrows High School.

  • How many millions did this little indulgence into conspiracy-theory paranoia cost us?

  • MD Russ

    Beautiful. And the Mayans predicted the end of the world in December. What is next, closing public schools on Friday the Thirteenth?

    Idiots. The terrorists have won. Surrender now.

    • I really don’t think the terrorists win just because the re-opening of school was delayed by one day.

      • MD Russ

        And precisely what good did it do, Michael? Was there any reason to believe that the next attack was going to be on January 2?

        Here is an example of the ass-backwards logic that was at work here:
        -Sally breaks up with her boyfriend, John.
        -John drives a Ford.
        -Sally’s new boyfriend drives a Chevy.
        Therefore, Sally won’t date guys who drive Fords.

        When school is cancelled because of such silly, irrational thinking, then people are terrorized and incapable of reasonable decision-making. And that is when the terrorist have accomplished their mission.

        • If you read the statement from the superintendent (it’s linked), I think the day was just to give the school system and local law enforcement time to assess whether there was a real threat. If you follow the links back to the original article and watch the video (if it’s still up), I think they had reason to at least treat this as a credible threat. After “Sandy Hook” the next target listed was “Narrows.” They got the information on the Thursday before what was basically a four day weekend. If nothing else they needed time to fully assess the situation. They would have been irresponsible not to. Perhaps the parents who started the petition were being irrational. But school re-opened today.

          It seems to me that the discussions following these events always come around to “we missed the warning signs.” I wouldn’t want to be in the position to have to make that call. The high school there probably has less than 300 students. As I noted, they were directly impacted by the Virginia Tech shootings.

          • MD Russ


            Would you have us believe that Adam Lanza was somehow influenced to attack Sandy Hook because of a Batman movie? Were he and James Holmes somehow connected? Is there a hidden conspiracy of crazed gunmen lurking about the country waiting for their cue to attack another school? Should we be searching for clues to other political rally shootings in old Addams Family re-runs because Jared Loughner looks just like Uncle Fester? And what is the significance of the fact that Rep. Paul Ryan looks just like a grown-up Eddie Munster?

            Get a grip on reality, man.

          • I have a perfect grip on reality. No, I don’t think the shooters were connected. But I do think there’s no shortage of crazy people.

            I reported what happened and am merely asserting that the school officials and local law enforcement felt it credible enough to take some precautions. This wasn’t just a passing reference. This was “could these schools in this town be the next target?”

            This is my home county. I know people who teach there and I know that, credible or not, they were a little rattled by this.

            We’re talking about ONE day. You seem to think that missing a day of school equates to some sort of educational fiscal cliff.

  • MD Russ is my new hero (for the next few hours after reading this).

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