Obenshain gets endorsements; Cuccinelli, a campaign manager

Over the holiday weekend, while we were all balancing on the edge of a cliff waiting for the Mayans to push us off, there was a bit of chair-shuffling with the statewide races.

First, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced that former RPV Executive Director and Virginia Victory strategist, Dave Rexrode, will now be his campaign manager. Rexrode was also the deputy campaign manager for Gov. Bob McDonnell’s successful gubernatorial campaign.

“I am honored to be working for a man of principle, someone who you never have to guess where he stands on an issue, and who understands our Commonwealth and our challenges,” said Rexrode in a statement. “That is exactly what we need in our next Governor and why I am happy to be part of the team working to make that happen.”

Second, State Senator Mark Obenshain has some early support from Virginia conservatives in his quest to achieve the Republican nomination for attorney general. The campaign released the following list of endorsements:

* Kay Coles James, President, Gloucester Institute; former Dean, Regent School of Government; Board of Trustees, Heritage Foundation
* Mike Farris, Chancellor, Patrick Henry College; Founding President, Home School Legal Defense Association
* Morton Blackwell, Republican National Committeeman
* Donna Holt, property rights activist
* Melvin Adams, President, Renewanation
* Chris Stearns, Third District Chairman; Former Ron Paul State Director
* Steve Newman, State Senator
* Dick Black, State Senator
* Ralph Smith, State Senator
* Bruce Eberle, national conservative activist
* Kevin Gentry, RPV Eastern Vice Chairman
* Kirby Burch, Commonwealth Sportsmen’s Alliance
* Chip Muir, 3rd Congressional District SCC Representative; Former Assistant AG
* Russ Moulton, Former First District Chairman
* Peyton Knight, 5th Congressional District SCC Representative
* Tito Muñoz (“Tito the Builder”), conservative activist; former state senate candidate
* Steve Hunt, former state senate candidate
* Kate Obenshain, political commentator and author**
* Matt Ames, Northern Virginia grassroots organizer
* Steve Albertson, conservative blogger
* Ron Robinson, President, Young America’s Foundation
* Michelle Easton, President, Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute