McDonnell Stays True; Hosts Fundraisers for Cuccinelli

…and ultimately snuffs out any nascent hope for a Bolling insurgency:

Cuccinelli’s campaign on Monday announced that McDonnell will headline two fundraisers in early January to help raise money for the upcoming battle with Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

McDonnell will appear at a luncheon reception at the Marriott in Newport News on January 3, and at a cocktail reception at the Westin in Richmond on Jan. 8.

Tickets for the Newport News event range from $75 for lunch to $10,000 for 10 tickets and a seat at the table with the attorney general. The Richmond event has a $50 to $10,000 tariff.

Looks like T-Mac is going to have a tough time after all, given McDonnell’s sky-high approval rating and the popularity of Virginia Republican leadership thus far.

If the governor’s proposed budget is any indicator, Virginia Democrats are going to have an incredibly tough time arguing against the financial wizardry of McDonnell, Cuccinelli, and the Republican leadership of the General Assembly… despite the recent unpleasantness.

  • Well Shaun, saying it does not make it so. Your hyperpole is indicative of the fact that you may want it to be, but it isn’t yet. Sky high rating? Last time I looked it was 50% and dropping fast. Rumor about the banner over the podium: let’s keep destroying our roads! Or, What problem! Fact is, McDonnell’s political capital is dissipating fast, and he has entered his lame duck period sooner than most thanks to the sound defeat of this mentor.

    • McDonnell is at 67 percent according to the last poll — making him one of the most popular governors in Virginia history.

    • The most pessimistic numbers from credible sources put McDonnell over 60% but he is at 50% by Barretts decree.. Talk about dissipating capital..

  • Shaun: A lunch and a cocktail party “snuff out ‘any nascent hope for a Bolling insurgency”? I didn’t know there really was a “Bolling insurgency” in the first place, at least according to the people here on BD. Raising money is SOP in a campaign. These two events don’t seem overly ginned up to raise bucket loads, however. I suppose your main point was to show that McDonnell is putting on his party hat and going through the motions. Is this really a big story?

  • And I am really not getting the last part of your “article.” Transferability of McDonell’s numbers and his budget somehow goes straight to KC because ???? Not in my playbook it doesn’t.

  • My Lord, the more I read this the more I have to start laughing. It is one story glued to two opinions. (1) McDonnell will be at a lunch and cocktail party for KC. This “snuffs out any nascent hope for a Bolling insurgency.” OK….if you say so. (2) Then we jump to “T-Mac is going to have a tough time after all, given McDonnell’s
    sky-high approval rating and the popularity of Virginia Republican
    leadership thus far.” Boy. I didn’t know about the “sky high” levels and sure don’t get how this makes T-Mac having a tough time. Sure, he may have a tough time alright, but not for this “reason.” and then last (3) “If the governor’s proposed budget is any indicator, Virginia Democrats are going to have an incredibly tough time arguing against the
    financial wizardry of McDonnell, Cuccinelli, and the Republican leadership of the General Assembly.” Oh seriously, why everybody I know is just abuzz about the annual budget. Just can’t say enough good things about it. COME ON! “Wizardry”? I that supposed to be a compliment? Like they waved a wand and made money out of thin air? Sounds like a Democrat conjuring to me. However, it did make the local nightly news. Gee, let’s see: Toll boths on I-95 at the NC border; funnelling General Revenue into VDOT at expense of other programs and……….well, what other wizardry did I miss here?

  • Governor McDonnell is simply rearranging the decks chairs on the Titanic as the effects of his failed Governorship become more and more obvious for all to see. Who knew even no tax republicans would hate oppressive tolls? The party zealots really believed you when you said there was enough revenue to go around. Well, with the collapse of infrastructure, the maxing out of the credit card, the sale of state assets to private corporations for their gain, not ours, the attempted coup of UVA so it could become private, now the proposed sale of the state’s preeminent asset, the Port of Virginia, to raise cash ’cause we don’t have no more. So what will Cuccinelli do about all this? Double down?

    • So obvious, you go through great lengths to point it out… so it appears…

      • His gaffes and blunders multiply daily. I mean, proposing indexing of the gas tax after the destruction has already occured. Is this man serious or simply as out of touch with conditions in Virginia as is Speaker Howell?

  • DJRippert

    Cuccinelli will no more get elected based on McDonnell’s endorsement than McAuliffe will get elected through endorsements from Mark Warner, et al. Arguably, the Democrats have better surrogates with Warner, Kaine, Obama, Clinton, etc. The fact that McDonnell is the sitting governor is helpful in a state-wide election but only slightly so.

    The real key is keeping the Obama coalition at home next November. Bolling might have done that, Cuccinelli won’t.

    McAuliffe’s political play is to keep beating the drum of Cuccinelli’s actions as AG over and over. Anti gay. Anti science. Anti environment. Anti gay. Anti science. Anti environment.

    Cuccinelli’s political play is to reprise McDonnell 2009 with an image makeover – from conservative activist to right leaning moderate.

    It’s already happening. Cuccinelli is siding with environmental groups against Dominion Virginia’s renewable energy sham while McAuliffe has joined Mark Warner in a call for an assault weapons ban.

    Yet these recent incidents illustrate Cuccinelli’s problem. It’s very easy for McAuliffe to simply say, “I am happy to see that my opponent has finally come to see why I am an avid environmentalist.”. McAuliffe loses none of the Democrats and actually impugns Cuccinelli among his base. Meanwhile, what does Cuccinelli say about the assault weapon ban? “I think assault weapons are OK.”? This gains him no new votes from his base but riles up the liberals in Arlington, Fairfax, the City of Richmond, etc.

    This election will not come down to McDonnell’s record or Bolling or any actions by either candidate’s surrogates.

    It will come down to turnout.

    If McAuliffe fans the flames of progressive fire, he wins. If he doesn’t he loses.

  • Attack dogs for Mark Warner and McAuliffe are out, I see. I have to agree with a few things, though.

    The whole toll business is nuts. Unless it is NEW construction NOT USED BEFORE it shouldn’t be tolled. New construction SHOULD be tolled. It isn’t really a user fee if it has already been paid for. At that point it becomes a selective process for additional taxes.

    Also, the recent support from McDonnell certainly helps and solidifies to a degree, party support for Cuccinelli. I do have to agree with the attackers that it is Cuccinelli that is running and it is he that ultimately must win on his merits alone. Unlike the attackers, I see that happening and I enthusiastically support Ken Cuccinelli.

    The partisan attack dogs try to skew reality and distort the record of Virginia and its governor for the sake of their agenda. The facts are against them. While not perfect, Virginia as compared to the other states is doing pretty darn good! It isn’t going to be easy to convince Virginians that the sky isn’t blue and that indeed, the sky is falling.

    Is Cuccinelli a social conservative? Do I as a libertarian have issues with some of his stances? Absolutely, but I don’t demand purity or perfection. I can overlook short comings when accompanied with solidly strong positives. The proxy attackers themselves use hyperbole and exagerrate all of Cuccinelli’s positions that some voters won’t particulary like. They try to make those issues bigger than they really are.

    I do consider Cuccinelli to be anti gay as Rippert points out, but Cuccinelli is no Bob Marshall on that issue. Cuccinelli is in no way anti-environment and I see no inconsistency with Cuccinelli siding with environmentalists against Dominion when they are right.

    Does Cuccinelli believe in God? Is he a man of faith? Spiritual? Yes, but to say he is so at the expense of being anti-science is a fine example of hyperbole. Funny. Ironically, it is Cuccinelli’s detractors here that are on a “witch hunt”. Labeling our good AG as some kind of manical God worshipping mystic and science denier. You become what you claim to be fighting. Closed minded selective persecutors bent on deny rights to those of faith in the name of revenge for what their group has wrongly done in the past. You are no better and become a reflection of their darker past. Now that people of faith are attacked and ridiculed, perhaps they now see that forcing their beliefs in the past is just as vile as forcing a godless global warming cult on them now. Perhaps they walk in another man’s shoes, but the Left has learned nothing from past mistakes of their rivals and is equally willing to deny rights and persecute based on politics and religion.
    Just as laughable is the claim of wanting bad roads. We see here cries about tolls and money taken from the general fund. While not fully, I agree the tolls could be done better. However, either we have a transportation crisis or we don’t. IF WE DO, diverting funds to a crisis MAKES SENSE!!! And how about the 2 previous Democrat Governors? How have they helped? What? By allowing the general fund to raid transportation money for special interests? Losing millions in VDOT that Bob McDonnell found?
    You guys are laughable. Do I fear that social conservatives will not learn from the past? Do I worry that they will ignore libertarian calls to protect the religious liberty of all to include non-Christians? Yes, I do. That potential future danger is why I work with social conservatives and hope everyone realizes that by protecting all of us, by protecting the individual, they are also protected. But that is a potential problem that we can very well avoid. The Left however, presents a clear and present danger. So, don’t be surprised with all the libertarians working with social conservatives in the Tea Party.

    • So Britt, do you really think that those of us who want quality public schools, equal rights for men and women, access to quality health care, roads that function as designed and meet the requirements of business and commerce, protection of our natural resources and regulation to protect the public health, are all attack dogs or leftists?
      Perhaps it should not surprise you that your continued efforts to reduce the pool of supporters for what has become the republican party is the best guarantee that soon sanity and balance will return to guide public policy in Virginia. That day just can’t come soon enough.

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