The Score this week: Firing Boehner, Old Ironsides, and the promise of prosperity

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

In light of the fiscal cliff mummery underway in DC, Scott Lee asks why we should be so eager to give politicians more money, when they have proven they cannot manage the funds already at their disposal. And yes, we’re looking directly at you, Scott Rigell.

And on the topic of self-immolating Republicans, I take the mic to talk with Matt Robbins, executive director of American Majority about the campaign the group’s (c)(4) arm, American Majority Action, is running to fire John Boehner as House Speaker. Matt tells us why Boehner should go, and more importantly, who should replace him.

We then switch gears to talk a bit of history with Dr. Ron Utt, who just published a book on the War of 1812, “Ships of Oak, Guns of Iron.” It’s a great read about what has become America’s forgotten war.

And our own Jim Hoeft talks about people voting with their feet, leaving states that are economically depressed and stifled by excessive regulation. Some of them find their way to Virginia. But with these new arrivals comes a challenge and a responsibility: they need to recognize that personal freedom and prosperity are what makes Virginia great.

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  • oldgeezer

    Was watching “Freedom Ford” on Fox news. He is right. Trouble is no one wants to give up their free lunch. Raise someone else’s taxes. Cut someone else’s government benefits.

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