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Jim Moran: Is Domestic Violence just an “embarrassing situation?”

Let’s see if I get this:
> Guy and his girlfriend go to a popular DC nightspot.
> His girlfriend catches him chatting up another woman.
> They get into an argument inside the club and continue their fight outside.
> DC police observe him grab his girlfriend by the neck, slamming her face into a metal trash can holder.
> She’s bleeding profusely; her nose and eye begin to swell.
> The officers arrest him on a charge of felony domestic assault.
> The police also call an ambulance for her and the medical technician indicates her nose is likely broken and her right eye socket may be fractured.
> The next day, guy pleads guilty to misdemeanor assault and gets sentenced to probation.
> Today, the injured girlfriend claims a broken high heel was really responsible for her injury.

[1]The guy is Patrick “Pat” Moran (See the police report [2]).

Yes, that Pat Moran.

The one who was caught [3]in an O’Keefe sting casually discussing ways to commit voter fraud in Virginia.

The one who was fired from his job as field director for his dad’s campaign for getting caught speculating about ways to get away with committing voter fraud.

And his dad, yes, that’s Congressman Jim Moran.

[4]Jim Moran who commented to Washington City Paper [5] and described Patrick and his girlfriend, Kelly, as “good kids” and said “I hope their privacy will be respected.” “They look forward to putting this embarrassing situation behind them,” Moran added In a follow up statement, Moran’s spokesperson reportedly [6]referred to the injuries as “an accident.”

Newsflash, Congressman Moran: good men don’t beat up their girlfriends (or wives) – in public or in private. Domestic abuse isn’t just an embarrassing situation. It’s a crime. A felony, actually. And privacy – secrecy – silence – these things only foster domestic violence and protect abusers from the consequences of their actions.

Congressman Moran should know these things, since his own anger management issues are well documented [7]. But, perhaps he has used his position of power to shield himself from some of the consequences of his actions?

Congressman Moran’s ex-wife, Mary, called the police in 1999 saying her husband was attacking her (according to one story [8]) but charges were never filed. In divorce papers filed the day after the incident, she said that her husband was abusive.

Now, Pat Moran’s girlfriend, Kelly, is saying [9]that her high heel broke, resulting in her injuries. Yes, you read correctly earlier, Pat Moran did plead guilty to assaulting her.

Domestic violence is not a partisan problem. There really is a war on women* going on but it isn’t happening in national politics. It happens behind closed doors – and sometimes on open streets. Abuse can be physical, mental and emotional. It is always painful.

I haven’t been a victim but I’ve seen the devastation of domestic violence up close – very close. It’s ugly and it is common. In fact, one in four women will will be a victim of severe violence by an intimate partner in her lifetime. If I could have a woman-to-woman talk with Pat Moran’s victim, I’d tell her that the abuse and pain he has inflicted on her isn’t her fault – no matter how much he blames her. I’d tell her that she has a chance to evaluate this relationship [10], walk away, recover and rebuild her life. I’d tell her she deserves to have someone who will treat her with respect in all situations. I’d tell her that healthy relationships are not fearful relationships and your lover should never injure you [11]. I’d tell her there is help available (1-800-999-SAFE) when she is ready for it.

Congressman Connolly and members of the Democratic leadership in the General Assembly were contacted with questions related to this story but no response was received as of this posting. If they respond, I will update this post accordingly. Regardless of party affiliation, every elected representative should condemn intimate partner violence and support survivors of domestic abuse.

VA Social Conservative [12] has this take:

* Note: The perpetrators and victims of abuse can be male or female. Abuse is always wrong – but as survivors know, it is most damaging when it is coming from someone who should be your greatest encourager and partner in life.

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