Skip to the 1:57 mark to hear the confession… and skip how Bolling was defeated by a “confederation” (I kid you not — he used that word) of Cuccinelli supporters, Tea Partiers, and Ron Paul supporters:


John Fredericks:  Are you prepared on our show right now to unequivocally rule out an independent bid for governor of Virginia?

Bill Bolling:  Well, I… I have not ruled that out, and I’m not prepared to rule that out.  I have said that it’s unlikely that I would do something like that.  I know how tough independent campaigns can be.  I certainly would not want to get involved in an independent campaign simply to be a spoiler of some sort — that’s not my style.  I would not get involved in an independent campaign unless I thought I had a realistic chance of winning the governorship.  But I have not ruled that out, John.  I have said that I have no current intention to do that.  I think it’s unlikely that I would do that, but I have not ruled that out.

Was that three times, Lt. Governor Bolling?

This had been the talk of the RPV Advance, as senior Bolling staffers (at least those present) were extremely open about this possibility.

Now it seems that all the prevarications were simply that — prevarications.

I’m still floored Bolling is doing this to himself… in conversation, most folks reasonably assumed that Bolling and Cuccinelli were both conservative warriors who presented the same governing philosophy, same values, and same principles — only presenting and packaging them quite differently.  Today?  I don’t know how I could have been so mistaken.  The world turned upside down when folks such as Bolling break ranks, isn’t it?

UPDATE:  …and before Bolling supporters (what few remain) get all verklempt about this, remember that just a week ago Bolling said he would not entertain an independent bid for governor.

“I don’t have any current intentions to do that,” he says of an independent run. “What I am looking forward to do is being a more independent voice on the important issues facing Virginia.”

…ah, but it’s all in the wording “current intentions,” eh?