Skip to the 1:57 mark to hear the confession… and skip how Bolling was defeated by a “confederation” (I kid you not — he used that word) of Cuccinelli supporters, Tea Partiers, and Ron Paul supporters:


John Fredericks:  Are you prepared on our show right now to unequivocally rule out an independent bid for governor of Virginia?

Bill Bolling:  Well, I… I have not ruled that out, and I’m not prepared to rule that out.  I have said that it’s unlikely that I would do something like that.  I know how tough independent campaigns can be.  I certainly would not want to get involved in an independent campaign simply to be a spoiler of some sort — that’s not my style.  I would not get involved in an independent campaign unless I thought I had a realistic chance of winning the governorship.  But I have not ruled that out, John.  I have said that I have no current intention to do that.  I think it’s unlikely that I would do that, but I have not ruled that out.

Was that three times, Lt. Governor Bolling?

This had been the talk of the RPV Advance, as senior Bolling staffers (at least those present) were extremely open about this possibility.

Now it seems that all the prevarications were simply that — prevarications.

I’m still floored Bolling is doing this to himself… in conversation, most folks reasonably assumed that Bolling and Cuccinelli were both conservative warriors who presented the same governing philosophy, same values, and same principles — only presenting and packaging them quite differently.  Today?  I don’t know how I could have been so mistaken.  The world turned upside down when folks such as Bolling break ranks, isn’t it?

UPDATE:  …and before Bolling supporters (what few remain) get all verklempt about this, remember that just a week ago Bolling said he would not entertain an independent bid for governor.

“I don’t have any current intentions to do that,” he says of an independent run. “What I am looking forward to do is being a more independent voice on the important issues facing Virginia.”

…ah, but it’s all in the wording “current intentions,” eh?

  • Makes him seem almost like John Warner, Remember him? The only Virginia Republican to ever win re-election to the US Senate.

    • Say what you wanna say.. Have Mercy

      • Pray tell, just what ARE Republican core principles? According to you, or me, or the man on the street?

        • Or Jamie Ratke?

          • EricMcGrane

            I’m certain that you accidentally omitted the “d” in Jamie’s last name, of course.

            Of course.

          • Craig, after the primary Jamie didn’t say anything negative about Allen. She wasn’t out campaigning against him or being a party pooper like Bolling has become since suspending his campaign. Radtke was simply quiet until she was ready to say something nice yet she had plenty of opportunities to do the opposite. Media was calling her constantly looking for a fight yet she did not go negative after Allen became the nominee.. There is zero comparison between Bollings unbecoming conduct as a sitting LG and Radtke’s conduct as a candidate who lost a primary.

  • Wow. How hilarious! Bolling told the truth!

  • I hope he does run as an Independent. I like choices on my ballot. Yeah, yeah, I know. Many in the VA GOP don’t like things like primaries and want everything rigged “their” way. This would be great.

    • Don’t forget, Craig, that Bolling is no innocent in that regard: his supporters on the State Central Committee chose a primary ridiculously early.

      • EricMcGrane

        Bolling is getting his just rewards for how the nominating process was conducted. He’s reaping what was sowed.

        • You won’t hear me crying words of foul play. Rules are rules are rules and politics is politics. So we were told ad nauseum when nobody but Romney and Paul made the VA ballot. I have no sympathy for Bolling here. That said, I have no sympathy with the Cuccinelli forces if Bolling runs as an Independent. Let the cards fall where they may.

      • Chris Beer

        James, don’t forget that it was the Richmond establishment and Bill Bolling and pushed for a convention in 2008 to favor Jim Gilmore over Tom Davis. Reaping what they sowed, indeed.

      • Touché. We reap what we sow, as Eric says below. So mote it be.

  • Oh, and before I hear “spoiler,” go over to Blue Virginia and see how many of the Ds are not exactly thrilled with Terry Mac either.

  • All through the past year my friends supporting Ron Paul got the finger pointed at them and were cussed at by people saying they would split the party.. Then Bills guy Romney crucified us.. Ha Ha Ha, who gets the last laugh now? If life seems rotten, there is something you’ve forgotten..

  • EricMcGrane

    He should join Charlie Crist. They could do wonderful things together.

  • Tom Dykers

    Bill Bolling is a man of integrity and good character who honestly believes he was wronged. I do not think he has explained clearly and simply what principles were violated that constitute the wrong. I hope he will.

    • I agree that Bolling was wronged when the GOP State Central Committee changed the nominating process, but he’s hardly innocent in that regard, either: his supporters on the SCC selected the nominating process for 2013 ridiculously early. And I say that as someone who supported Bolling for the GOP nomination for Governor.

      • EricMcGrane

        James: Specifically how was he wronged? Is Bill Bolling entitled to a particular nominating method? Isnt the SCC free to select the nominating method of its choosing?

    • I hope he does too, Tom… I’m still flabbergasted. The points made in primary vs. convention are all well taken too — one can’t complain about the “late” convention change (really? that’s been a constant for over a year now…) and be blameless about an extremely early predetermination for a primary.

  • Really? In my observations and conversations with Bolling, I never got the impression that he was a “conservative warrior”. I got the impression that he was a man who always did the right thing and tried to get along with everybody. I’m now getting the idea that he thinks Cuccinelli is a nutball who’d rather grandstand on ridiculously divisive social issues.

  • Interesting choice of artwork, too. While some Democrats are mocked for saying Obama is their “lord and savior”, you’re using Peter’s denial of Jesus for a Bolling allegory.

    Face. Palm.

  • DJRippert

    Nothing would be better for Northern Virginia than breaking the grip of tyranny that both the RPV and DPVA hold on us. Our so-called representatives in the General Assembly spend their lives selling out their constituents in order to curry political favor with the Richmond establishment. George Allen leaves his Mt Vernon home to pledge allegiance to the “real Virginia” in his infamous Mecaca Speech. Then, Tricky Dick Saslaw slithers down to Staunton to tell people that there needs to be more wealth transfer within the state. Enough! Enough of the slimy, slippery Republican legislators from NoVa and enough of their greased eel comrades in the Democratic Party. Victory by an independent candidate might be just enough to tip over Virginia’s corrupt two party system forever. Dear Lord, look at the recent Senatorial campaign. Allen vs Kaine. Are you kidding me? Both parties in Virginia are horrible. Run Billy Run.

    • DJRippert

      And before anyone starts … yes, Bill Bolling is a part of the political establishment. It’s not about Bolling. It’s about people challenging the RPV and DPVA.

      • EricMcGrane

        Its the same RPV under which Bolling was perfectly content to conduct a primary nomination process. Only after it was switched to convention did Bolling have a problem.

        So your analysis is flawed.

  • If their were a wit of difference between the two, it may be a feasible possibility for an independent bid. But no, they are two peas in a pod, and when Bolling gets over the pain, he will find another way to contribute. But at some point, if the Party wishes to be a winner based on something other than personality, it must reform its extreme, far right, tea party, image or it will lose more elections than the next one.

    • When Mike gives advice like this, that means it’s time to double-down.

      • Yes, that’s true; I have always stuck to the view that eventually the republican party would see the destruction they have caused to our transportation and education system and come to their senses. Instead, they just keep promising no new taxes and winning local races. But that policy works until it does not, and anyone who denies that change is brewing is ignoring reality. My point herein has been that neither Cuccinelli nor Bolling would have responsed to that need and we will soon find out if the other Party has a candidate willing to take this issue head on.

    • EricMcGrane

      Specifically, how are tea party views far right or extreme? Please be specific, using examples.

    • Michael, define far right. Nazis are far left, Michael,

  • John Fredericks

    After talking to the Lt. Gov., I believe he will run for governor as an independent candidate in Virginia.

    • Quite a statement, John. I respectfully disagree.

      • Well, it’s not like Fredericks has ever voted for Bill Bolling.

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